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Tango Down IO Cover

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Product Information


TangoDown iO Cover for Aimpoint Micro

You canít shoot what you canít see, and the fight wonít wait. Protect your lenses and keep them clear of rain, dirt, sand, mud, dust and other debris.

  • Keeps lenses clear in harsh conditions
  • One-handed operation
  • Durable thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Low profile for a clean sight picture

The iO Cover is designed to be a functional cover for the Aimpoint Micro optic with lens caps that can be quickly operated with one hand. The lens caps should be open and snapped together out of the way in most ideal environments.

When conditions are less than ideal, simply twist the caps apart and cover the lenses with either hand. The iO Cover can also keep dust and debris off the lenses when stored in racks. The caps can quickly be swiped open with either hand, and they never block the sight picture under recoil or movement. The caps can easily be snapped together alongside the optic to minimize profile.

The iO Cover is made from high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane, chosen for its durability and resistance to oil, fuel, solvents, temperature, abrasion, tears, cuts, and UV exposure. The material is also receptive to most spray paints and water dip coatings for further camouflage or marking of less lethal equipment.

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