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10-8 1911 Front Sight Dovetail

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10-8 1911 Front Sight Dovetail

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1911 Dovetail Front Sight, .330"x.075"x65 degree (aka "Novak") dovetail, drilled for front roll pin. Our 1911 front sights are made from hardened 4140 bar stock for improved durability. They feature a narrowed front section to provide a clean sight picture even if the forward part of the blade is dinged up or dirty. All blades feature a 40lpi serrated front face for reduction of glare in all lighting conditions.

FITS: "Novak" .330" x .075" x 65 degree dovetail

WILL FIT: 1911 front dovetails from Nighthawk, Novak, Les Baer, Ed Brown, Rock River, Sig, current production Colt, and others. If you are not sure what height and dovetail dimensions you have, it is best to measure and/or consult with your pistol's manufacturer. Unmodified slides will require machining. Please note that the roll pin hole location varies widely, and there may be a slight mismatch between our pin hole and whatever has been drilled in your slide.

***WILL NOT FIT: Kimber, Springfield Armorey, Wilson Combat, Colt (all models, including XSE, Special Combat Government, Defender, Gunsite, Rail Gun, etc.), Dan Wesson, STI, and SVI. ***

  • Heights: .185" blade height
  • Measure your existing front sight if retrofitting or check with your gunsmith for height suggestions when scratch building
  • If matching "in between" sizes (.180" for example), use the next shorter size (.175") and it'll shoot about 1/2" higher at 25 yards
  • Please note that each manufacturer and individual guns will vary in regards to what height is used, and there is no set standard height
  • .007" of sight height equates to roughly 1" of elevation change at 25 yards
  • TALLER front = LOWER point of impact
  • SHORTER front = HIGHER point of impact
  • If you must guess what height to use for a scratch build, try .185"
  • Fiber Optic Sight has .100" wide blade, accepts .060" fiber optic rod, black oxide finish. Includes stainless roll pin. Comes with 1 each red and green fiber rods.
More Information
SKU 10-8:0202-185-05 Fiber Optic
Manufacturer 108 Performance
Finish Black
Barrel Length 16"
Caliber 5.56
Configuration 5/8X24 Thread
Option AR15
Gas Length Mid
Height No
Rail Length 10"
Mount KeyMod
Profile Standard
Reticle No
Co Witness No
Size X-Large