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10-8 Armorer Tool

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10-8 Armorer Tool available colors: Black & FDE

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The 10-8 Performance Armorer Tool is a simple nonmarring tool molded from glass reinforced nylon. It is useful for countless applications where use of metal tools can easily damage your work. It is approximately 5" long and 1/4" in diameter, and features a rigid chisel pointed end and a semi-flexible flat blade end. Radial gripping ridges are molded into the body of the tool to prevent slipping when working with greasy parts.


  • Black
  • FDE

**Please note that this tool is not meant to replace a steel pry tool, and will break if you try hard enough. If you need to pry this hard, use a metal tool. This tool will last a long time for its intended purpose.

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SKU 10-8:Armorer Tool
Manufacturer 108 Performance