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Agency Arms Urban Combat

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The Urban edition is the lightest slide we do. It has three windows and is best suited for no RMR due to weight and balance. *Slide Serration count will change due to length of slide.

Slide work:
All of our slides have an RMR cut standard, and come with a “Battle Plate” that fills the void when the RMR is not installed. This plate is designed in a way that enables one hand manipulation of the firearm that increases safety. We don’t do top serrations due to training issues with the masses. On our Battle Plate, the serrations and screw lugs are on the 45 angle cuts. Placing these serrations and lugs here, forces the shooter to angle the pistol away from the body when using one hand to rack the pistol. We have three versions of our slides which are as follows:


  • Urban Combat: 
  • Hybrid Special
  • Field Battle


Frame work:
We remove the finger grooves, cut in gas pedals, and bevel out the inside area of the trigger guard on a mill. We call the gas pedals the “Accelerator Cuts” and they offer enhanced traction on the pistol. With the accelerator cuts, muzzle rise is dramatically decreased and follow up shots are faster. We do a non traditional double undercut and dock the front of the trigger guard for aesthetic purposes. We finish the frame off with full stippling and offer Gen 4 back strap melding as well for no additional charge.


  • Accelerator Cut: Allows downward pressure on the pistol to control muzzle rise
  • Relieved Trigger Guard: Allows quicker access to the trigger and easier access while wearing tactical gloves
  • Trigger Guard Undercut: Gain higher access to your weapon
  • Removed Finger Grooves: Tell your weapon where you want to grip and not the other way around
  • Comfortable Grip Texture: This ART has been 4 years in the making and truly brings together beauty functionality.
  • Trigger Guard Bevel
  • Trigger Guard Sled Cut
  • Full Body Stipple
  • Mag Release Speed Cut


All parts are cleaned & inspected, trigger bar is re-vamped, contact surfaces are smoothed and polished, Agency Trigger shoe is tuned/fitted, oem minus connector, oem trigger return spring, oem striker spring, Agency plunger safety spring, assembly, safety check, Operations check, and finally test fire.

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