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ARC Division Sparc-M V1 Single Port Compensator For Glock - Gold 1/2x28


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ARC Division Sparc-M V1 Single Port Compensator For Glock - Gold 1/2x28


The Arc Sparc-M is the smaller brother of the Arc Division Sparc line of compensators for handguns. The Sparc-M will help you shoot flatter and faster in all situations. 


Why use a comp? Easy. Using a compensator on your handgun mitigates the gasses in a manner that helps you run your gun flatter and faster. Dispersing the blast upward and outward is what helps keep your firearm level while shooting.


Their set screw design wedges the compensator onto your barrel, pinching it and keeping it tight during extended use. ONLY SECURE SET SCREWS ONTO THE BARRELS SHOULDERS AND NOT THE THREADING. Depending on your exact barrel, the comp may sit flush to the slide or have a small gap. DO NOT tighten set screws onto the threading, this may cause damage to the threading.



  • Reduces recoil by 40-50%.
  • Weight: 0.7 OZ w/ setscrews installed.
  • Size: 1."L x .8"H x 1"W
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum
  • Coating: Black Type 3 Hardcoat Anodizing, GOLD Type 2 Anodizing (both 70-73 Rockwell)



  • Compensator
  • Red Loctite
  • Allen Key
  • Set Screws
  • Written Instructions


Their compensators are manufactured and anodized in the USA to the highest quality and standard. They use 7075 aluminum for the Sparc Compensator and our BLACK is Type 3 Hard Coat Anodized while their GOLD is Type 2 Anodized to achieve the color. Both meter 70-73 on the rockwell hardness chart. They have had no issue with either coating thus far, but they estimate the black will out last the gold after continuous abuse and use. They recommend you clean your comp when you clean your gun to maintain its luster and finish from corrosion.


Please note: Adding their compensator to your pistol, in rare circumstances, can effect your reliability and may require some fine tuning. They have ran thousands of rounds through multiple firearms in different set ups with little to no issues, but this does not mean that an issues in reliabilty can not occur. Depending on your existing recoil spring and striker spring, it may effect your slides ability to cycle. Thus far we have not had any recorded issues on tested firearms. They recommend a Qualified Gunsmith install or make any modifactions to your firearm. The Aluminum 7075 compensator will eventually wear out after years of use over thousands of rounds. It depends on the load and weight of the rounds used consistently, but they have built them to last with the best material out there.

More Information
Product Type Compensator
Manufacturer ARC Division
Color Gold
Platform Glock
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