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Armaspec AST90 - 90 Degree Short Throw Safety Selector

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Armaspec AST90 - 90 Degree Short Throw Safety Selector

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AST 90 ™ is an ambidextrous 90 degree short throw safety selector for your AR15/AR10® firearm. The ambidextrous Assisted Short Throw ™ safety selector is a patent pending product that is unlike any other safety you have ever tried. It enables the operator to rapidly disengage the safety with a flick of the thumb while still maintaining all the original safety functions. When you move the safety from safe to fire and pass about the 45 degree point, the safety will automatically continue to travel to the fire position.

  • Short Throw™ 90-degree design - faster target engagement
  • Automatically travel to the 90-degree fire position about pass about the 45-degree point
  • Compatible with AR-15 and AR-10 lowers
  • Torx Key included
  • Anodized finish
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Weight .5 oz



Center- Steel

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Manufacturer Armaspec