Blitzkrieg 9mm AKTIVE Buffer

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Blitzkrieg 9mm AKTIVE Buffer


The impact of the bolt on the barrel as it goes forward into battery is also less than with a conventional weighted buffer or solid buffer. The hard polymer piston head has been redesigned to support the unique 9mm AR-15 application. It accommodates the solid rear profile of 9mm AR-15 bolts and it provides optimal alignment at all times within the buffer tube. Furthermore, the polymer piston head eliminates buffer tube wear and runs completely quiet. The rear bumper is not only more substantial than a convention bumper, but it is secured to the stainless buffer body with a bolt instead of a flimsy roll pin. The blowback operation of the 9mm AR-15 drives a very heavy bolt (normally 16 ounces) much harder than a standard AR-15 BCG and it needs to be dampened as much as possible to optimize the system, reduce wear on the firearm and reduce recoil and sight movement. The design is simple, yet very effective and will feel softer and run quieter than any conventional AR buffer or 9mm buffer. Spring noise is also eliminated using this buffer. Most spring noise on 9mm AR15s comes from the abrupt stop of a conventional buffer causing spring vibration. Our buffer dampens the impact for a soft landing which completely eliminates this vibration and noise. The length of this buffer stops the bolt just behind the bolt catch on a 9mm AR-15 without the need for a spacer. We recommend pairing this buffer with our AR-10 carbine spring to sufficiently slow the rearward bolt velocity unless firing mostly light loads in short barrels. Our high performance buffer springs are available separately as well as in buffer/spring combinations for the ultimate in strength, consistency and extremely long service life.

  • Length: 3.93" 
  • Weight: 5.2 ounces


  • Machined Stainless Steel Buffer Body
  • Quiet Buffer Operation 
  • No Spring Noise
  • No Buffer Tube Wear 
  • Maintains Excellent Buffer Alignment in Buffer Tube
  • 2 Stage Buffering Action on impact
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SKU BK AR15-AB-9mm
Manufacturer Blitzkrieg Components