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Blitzkrieg Components

Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Spike Front Sight Post (Luminescent Green Stripe)

Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Spike Front Sight Post (Luminescent Green Stripe)
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This replaces standard A2 style sight posts in any typical AR-15 type fixed or folding sight. The Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Spike Front Sight Post for AR-15 sights provides superior sighting with a sharp aiming point and a bold, fast sight picture. The sharp aiming point enables precise aiming and high confidence on difficult shots. The bold, contrasting Luminescent Green Stripe gives the shooter an eye catching sight picture that excels in both bright-light and low-light environments and against all types of backgrounds. It is very fast and very easy to see. Minimum adjustment for elevation is 4 clicks or one full rotation since the Luminescent Stripe is visible on one side so that no luminescence glows toward the enemy. This means that when zeroing your sight for elevation, you will be at least within 2 clicks or 2.5 MOA of a perfect zero and normally closer than that or even dead-on. It will be either exactly on point of aim or no more than 2.5 MOA high or low (2.5" at 100 yards, 1.25" at 50 yards). This will vary depending on sight radius.

Our sight posts are precision machined from billet 416 Stainless Steel for an outstanding sight picture and precise fit in any AR-15 front sight housing including standard A2 fixed front sights and popular brands like Troy, Diamondhead, Samson, MI, YHM, Daniel Defense and Magpul plastic MBUS Gen 2. Fits anything that accepts a standard A2 front sight post. Has a matte black melonite finish which is very durable and very corrosion resistant. The Luminescent Green Stripe appears more yellow in daylight and glows green in low light. It is a 5 layer paint application into a machined grove. This gives you a bright yellow contrast stripe in daylight and a bright green glowing stripe in low light and darkness. Simple Drop-In installation. Simply unscrew the factory sight post and screw in the Blitzkrieg Components sight post using either our sight tool or a standard A2 sight tool.

Glow Characteristics: The Luminescent (Glow) Stripe glows very bright when charged and the glow brightness dissipates gradually in darkness. The brighter and longer the light charge is, the brighter and longer the glow will be. Sunlight and Tactical LED flashlights give the best charge, but any type of lighting will work. It will glow very bright after just a few seconds of charge, and will glow longer with a bit longer charge. Typically, in total darkness after being charged you can expect it to glow very bright for 5 minutes, brighter than tritium for 30 minutes and at a lower level for a few hours. This works very well to have a very bright glow when transitioning from daylight to a dark room and as your eyes adjust to lower light levels, the lower level glow will still appear bright and very easy to pick up. Additionally, the bright glow makes the sight dramatically easier to pick up against dark targets and background clutter where black sight posts get completely lost.
  • Billet Machined 416 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Melonite matte black finish
  • Luminescent Green Contrast Stripe in machined grove
  • Bold, Fast Sight Picture
  • Precision Aiming Point
  • Drops into any AR-15 Front Sight Housing using standard sight tool or our sight tool

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Blitzkrieg Components
Finish No
Barrel Length No
Caliber No
Configuration No
Option No
Gas Length No
Height No
Rail Length No
Mount No
Profile No
Reticle No
Co Witness No
Size No


Customer Reviews (5)

No commentReview by
installed on my Kel Tec Sub 2000 carbines. Installed fine. Look great (Posted on 1/26/2017)
No commentReview by
- (Posted on 9/14/2016)
No commentReview by
Excellent (Posted on 6/28/2016)
Works perfect, great value. Review by
I've been curious about these Blitzkrieg sights for a while now but like many people was concerned about how close it would zero. When I found this post here for only 20 bucks I figured it was a small enought purchase, why give it a shot. The post installed easily and quickly and at least for me, sighted in dead nuts on. Co-witnesses great with my red dot optic and is of great quality. Very bright with ony a short burst of light to charge it, and appears to stay charged and glowing for a really long time. Definitley don't be afraid to give it a shot on your rifle, especially considering the more than reasonable pricing on it. (Posted on 4/30/2016)
Good for tired eyesReview by
As time goes by my eyes aren't what they used to be. These days I use very weak (1.75) readers. I bought this product as well as Blitzkrieg's high visibility Chevron.

I bought both to see which I like better, but both are nice and the photo luminescent paint pigments used, are better than most. It was to replace a Troy Tritium front sight blade. I never use tritium on the rear sights, never a good idea to do so)

I selected the Blitzkrieg chevron only because I modified it with a 3.5mm green tritium tube. (You can however buy the same product as Blitzkrieg offers a chevron with tritium. (They don't offer a tritium option for this spike post)

The DIY version saved me $40 or so. (I love tritium, I have a small jar of tritium tubes in many sizes and colors) I've loved tritium ever since I had a Marathon tritium watch in the military)

This Blitzkrieg spike is a good product, I'm saving the one I bought for my next build. Years back I would have scoffed at a oversized non black FSP, but my eyes need a little help these days.

PS, If you end up liking the Chevron better, if your aware how the front sight post works, you really don't need the Blitzkrieg special tool, . A normal front sight tool wont work for the chevron, a couple toothpicks work well. But a FSP tool or the tip of a bullet works perfectly for this spike post.
(Posted on 4/9/2016)

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