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10-8 Performance Handgun Sights

10-8 precision 9mm pistol and magazine
March 19, 2018 337 view(s)

10-8 Performance Handgun Sights

Let's take a minute to discuss the bane of my existence - factory handgun sights. I hate them. It doesn't even matter which manufacturer, really. Realistically, you're going to end up with one of two options: 1) some sort of white dot sight, to include Glock's weird pumpkin/basket configuration, or 2) some sort of glowing 3-dot sight. As a Glock shooter, I dislike both options, so I rarely spring for the more expensive night sight gun. I usually buy the cheaper plastic sight gun, then use the savings to put toward a nice set of aftermarket sights. I'm always open to new designs, but as of now my favorite sights are from 10-8 Performance.

10-8 Performance markets sights for a wide variety of defensive handguns, and Rainier carries (Manufactured by 10-8 Performance) their Glock, 1911, and Smith & Wesson varieties. I've had 10-8 sights on my Glocks for over six years, and I'd like to highlight a few features that I really enjoy about them: First, their sight sets are a coupling of a solid black rear sight with a dot front. The idea behind this design is to draw the eye to the dot front without it being distracted by dots on the rear. This allows faster acquisition when engaging a target. 10-8 precision pistol sight The U notch makes for easy acquisition, and the serrations cut glare Second, I find their .140" wide rear U-notch, combined with their .125" wide front post, to be an excellent balance of fast acquisition and precision. 10-8 sells a wider rear sight on their own website, but I've used both the .140" and .156" rear sights, and I believe the .156" is just a little too wide (for me) in those times when you need a good, precise shot. That's also an issue I've had with other "speed" sights with wide rear notches. The rear sight has a nice ledge for single handed manipulation, and is serrated to reduce glare. 10-8 precision 9mm pistol and magazine You can see the nice ledge on the rear sight Third, they give you the option of tritium (https://www.rainierarms.com/10-8-glock-front-sight-tritium-215-height-125-width/) or fiber optics (https://www.rainierarms.com/10-8-glock-front-sight-fiber-optic-215-height-125-width/) for your front sight. I'm still running tritium sights on my personal gun. With that said, I've been researching sights as the 10-year expiration gets near. My research indicates to me that years of use in competition (and other) shooting formats demonstrate real benefits to fiber optics over tritium. Benefits include easy field replacement, lower cost, and excellent brightness. Another consideration in the choice between tritium and fiber optics is defensive handheld light usage. A high-output defensive light can wash out a tritium dot, whereas the fiber optics will simply use that light. When my current tritium sights go dim, or if I can justify a new sight before then, I'll most likely switch to fiber optics. 10-8 precision pistol sight dot If you're in the market for some replacement sights for your Glock or M&P, take a minute and look over 10-8's options. Whether you are looking for a defensive or a competitive sight, they most likely have something that will meet your needs. I hope this has been helpful. If so, feel free to share. As always, Rainier Arms stands ready to help you Pursue Your Passion.

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