As I mentioned in my article about the HB Industries Drill Bit Kit, I know you guys are looking for information on EVO triggers. It's coming, I promise. But, I'm still waiting on a few triggers to arrive, and all the grips already did. So, I figured I would go ahead and test out the grips first and then I'll hit the triggers. I promise.

CZ stock grip

CZ stock grip, Yeti Wurks Switchback in Matterhorn mode, Pakse Pathfinder, Apex Optimized

CZ stock grip

Apex Tactical Specialties Optimized Grip (MSRP $24.95)

Apex Tactical Specialties Optimized Grip

The Apex front strap has an aggressive texture and the user can add optional adhesive grip panels

The Apex grip had the smallest feel and the highest level of "grip" of the three I tested.  Apex ships their grip with a set of laser cut grip tape panels that can be added at user discretion.  In addition, the front strap has a texture a lot like a Gen 4 Glock, but maybe a tad more aggressive.  If you're looking for a grip that you'll never have to worry about slipping during those sweaty matches, this one's for you.

The Optimized Grip has a much more vertical angle, so it doesn't pinch your wrist up if you're in a low ready posture.  The angle is very comfortable, and if you're wanting a grip with a significantly reduced all-around size, Apex has delivered.

Pakse Development Pathfinder Grip (MSRP $29.99)

Pakse Development Pathfinder Grip

The Pathfinder has a curved backstrap and fills the user's hand a little more than the Apex

While the lines on the Apex Optimized Grip are minimalist and fairly straight, the Pakse Pathfinder has a few more curves.  While the overall grip angle is close to the Apex, the Pathfinder feels like it fills your hand a little more, thanks to its curved backstrap and slightly larger lower half.  I find it feels a lot like the popular aftermarket AR-15 pistol grips.  Even though it seems to fill your hand more than the Apex, it actually had the shortest reach to the trigger of any of the grips.

Now, when it comes down to a comparison of "grip," the Pakse has a much smoother surface texture that's nowhere near as grippy as the Apex.  It was definitely the smoothest of the three grips.  Overall, it's a very comfortable grip that won't wear out your hand during extended shooting sessions, and won't make your wrist cramp if you have to spend lots of time in a ready posture.

Yeti Wurks Switchback (MSRP $49.99)

Yeti Wurks Switchback

Switchback in Matterhorn mode

Yeti Wurks Switchback

Switchback in Everest mode

Yeti Wurks Switchback

The Switchback comes with a plug to allow you to store small items in the grip

I almost feel like I reviewed four grips for this article, because the Switchback grip is a two for one deal.  The Switchback offers you the most options for your grip.  With interchangeable backstraps, you can customize it to fit your desired feel, plus it also ships with a grip plug.  The plug allows you to store small items in the grip, such as spare batteries for your optic.  The backstraps are easy to change back and forth, and they come with a metal pin to hold them in place during use.

The angle is a huge improvement over the stock CZ, but isn't quite as mild as the Apex or Pakse.  If you run it in Matterhorn mode (straight backstrap), the angle is close enough to the other grips you probably wouldn't notice, but in Everest mode (curved backstrap), it's a little more noticeable.  Even in Everest mode, it's still very comfortable, and it feels like it gives you that extra bit of control.

As far as "grip" goes, the Switchback is a middle ground.  Not as grippy as the Apex, but more so than the Pakse, it strikes a solid compromise between the two.


I really thought all three grips dramatically improved the comfort and handling of my Scorpion.  On a compliance note, all three are made in the USA, and count toward 922r compliance.  The Pathfinder is available in flat dark earth, if your desires run that direction, and the Generation 1 Switchbacks are as well.  As of now, the Generation 2 Switchbacks are black only.

I hope this has been helpful.  If so, feel free to share.  As always, Rainier Arms stands ready to help you Pursue Your Passion.