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Build of the Week for His and Hers

Pair of Sigs

 This weeks Build of the Week is a pair of Sig Sauer P365 pistols customized for our Purchasing Director and his Wife for EDC. Except we are using a bit of a cheat code, as the majority of the modifications were done by the good folks at Danger Close Armament. And why not, especially when you can get exactly what you want.

Let's dive in...

Pair of Sigs

 Both stock Sig P365's started out by being sent out to Danger Closer for their signature, complete gun treatment. Both frames were given DCA's signature grip treatment with recessed borders and their "Brain" textured grips, which is pure genius as it does a great job of keeping the gun's grip locked into your hand, but still very carry friendly and won't chew up your T Shirts.

Pair of sigs barrel view

Wifey opted for an Orchid Purple Cerakote 2 tone finish for her grip and her plus one decided to go with the Tactical Grey finish. A pair of Grayguns adjustable straight triggers are used to help improve trigger pull again, in both guns.

Pair of Sigs for him and her

Work then began on the slide, where DCA enhanced the slide by adding forward cocking serrations and then put it on a diet, and added some ports. The slide was then treated with Nitride making it extremely durable. Terry opted for a red dot sight mount cut into the slide. And filled it with a Sig Sauer Zero red dot.

Pair of sigs side view

Through the speed ports of the slide, you can catch a glimpse of the barrels. Rose gold True Precision barrel for the Mrs. and Stainless True Preicison barrel for the gentleman that helps improve reliability and accuracy.

Pair of Sig handguns fron view

A lot of the heavy lifting in terms of this weeks customization for the build done by Danger Close Armament was enhanced with the decision of adding some key parts. At the end of the day, they both were very excited to get their guns back and are looking forward to attending a shooting class together.

Sig his and hers

"Because couples that pew together, stay together." - wise man

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September 18, 2020
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