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Build of the Week: Master Blaster

Build of the week-Master Blaster
August 11, 2021 415 view(s)

Build of the Week: Master Blaster

There is sometimes a very fine line, between safe queens aka "BBQ guns" and a hard use function built firearm when it comes to custom builds and design. There seems to be two prevailing schools of thought regarding subscribing one way, or another. There are just some guns, that you have and own that serves a distinct purpose, and ones you own, just because you can, and because it simply makes you happy. And in some instances, you can pull off both. We had a chance to catch up with one of those instances when our friend, and team F1 Firearms pro staff shooter Kelly Bennet visited us at our Auburn store with "something to show us". And when he brought it out of his rifle case, I knew right away, it was our next "build of the week" gun. Let's dive in... master blaster rifle

In speaking with Kelly as I snapped these photos, the prevailing "reason" for the gun, was to fill a major hole in his "longer range" arsenal necessary to compete in 3 gun. Often times these major matches will have targets set anywhere from 600-900 yards. With challenging shooting positions, and sometimes extreme conditions combating wind, rain, snow and a lot of dirt and sand.

The majority of a 3 gun match, 90-95% of your shots will be within 200 yards, but those bonus targets, are what separates the shooting elites, and many of those, have dedicated long range gas guns chambered in .308, 6.5 creedmoor and 6mm ARC. These are your wind splitters, heavy hitters with enough room on the scope to dial these in. They may only make up a small percentage of the work, but can mean the difference between 1st and 20th place. And he didn't just fly across the country for the shooters bag.

So here's a break down of what Kelly chose to put together, in collaboration with his many companies he represents.

Build of the week bipod

The Break Down

Upper/Lower/Hand guard/Grip/Foregrip: F-1 Firearms BDRX-10 Polished PVD Graphite

Barrel/gas block: Odin Works 22” 6.5 Creedmoor Tactical Match Barrel. Gold PVD by F-1 Firearms

Muzzle Brake: F-1 Firearms Dragon Slay-AR, Gold PVD by F-1 Firearms

Lower Parts Kit: F-1 Firearms Gold PVD

Trigger: Elftmann Tactical Pro Match Trigger

BCG: F-1 Firearms Gold PVD AR-10 Durabolt

Mag Release/catch: Shooting Innovations

Grip/Foregrip Paracord Wrap: Armed Concepts

Scope mount: ZRO Delta FRZ Cantilevered Mount, Cerakote by Armed Concepts

Charging handle: Rainier Arms Avalanche Mod 2, cerakote by Armed Concepts

Optic: U.S. Optics Foundation Series 25x

Buffer tube: Aero Precision

Buffer: JP Silent Capture

Stock: Mission First Tactical Battlelink

Low Profile

Laser Work on mags: Armed Concepts

Bipod: Accutac SR-5 G2

Ammo: Custom load developed by Vantage Reloading

Build of the week trigger

The entire gun is done in a new finish that F1 is playing around with, and to say it "stands out" is an understatement. In a SEA of competitors, you can definitely say this rig will not be mistaken for many others.

Build of the week rail

Kelly did an incredible job, meticulously picking out every part of the gun in great detail. Obviously, taking into consideration that he not only wanted his gun to look good, but also produce so that he can remain at the top of the heap when the dust clears. He is still in the fun stage of "breaking in" the gun, and getting it dialed in. But make no mistake, though the gun may look like a safe queen, it can certainly, "Do the work" and we wish him, the best of luck!

Build of the week Kelly

the Build List

f1 contoured handguard f1 dragon slay AR brake
elftman trigger f1 bcg
jp spring system Acu tac bipod
Fall fest
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