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Build of the week (Danger Close P10)

Build of the week (Danger Close P10)
October 2, 2019 303 view(s)

Build of the week (Danger Close P10)






Back again this week with another custom project for the build of the week. This time our primary focus is around a custom CZ P10C from the guys over at Danger Close Armament. Danger Close Armament has been a great partner to work with and they have provided us with  some of the coolest custom pistols on the market. From Sig 365s and 320s to Archon Type Bs, Glocks and now CZs, their work is top-notch. With the mid-sized P10C from CZ becoming more popular in the US market, Danger Close Armament's example of the pistol has been given some special attention. 

To start, the pistol has been given an improved grip texture to aid in handling and control, especially when the shooter's hands may become wet or sweaty. More cuts have been added to the slide, including a bit of porting on top to lighten the slide.


The pistol has been milled for a Trijicon RMR. While there are slightly newer models of the P-10C currently out on the market which feature a factory milled slide, they still cannot compare to the custom work and fitting on this pistol. Factory MOS mounts require the use of a mounting
plate which does give you some modularity in the types of optics you can run but does make it sit a bit high on the pistol for some people's liking.

The Trijicon Type 2 RMR is considered one of the best pistol red dot sights for duty use currently. The 3.25 MOA reticle offers a good-sized dot for hitting those longer range shots while still being big enough for more up close and personal work. The Type 2 RMR is designed with a patented housing shape that absorbs impacts and diverts stresses away from the lens to increase durability. It also offers redesigned and upgraded electronics that have been proven to perform when mounted on slide ride pistols and other small arms.

Internally, the pistol has been fitted with a Killer Innovations P10C Threaded Velocity barrel. Using exceptionally high-grade material and precision machining every feature in one proprietary process, these barrels deliver unparalleled accuracy and performance. Every barrel
is machined with an 11° target crown for greater accuracy and coated with high-quality finishes, ensuring the most accurate, reliable barrels available.


The light attached is the Inforce APL Gen 3. With 400 Lumens is puts out enough light to safely be able to identify and engage targets in low light situations should the need arise.



Lastly, the suppressor used on this build is the Torrent Suppressors Orthus P. This can is purpose-built to be flexible, depending on what you want to use it for. With removable baffles, the Orthus P can go from 6.6" in the full configuration to 4.6" in the short (seen above). This modular design and robust welded titanium construction give you the right amount of
suppressive power where and when you need it. At full length the can knock off 30 decibels, keeping things nice and quiet.


If you're looking to start your next project, be sure to check out our site.

Check out the products below for the parts used in this week's build.


Trijicon RMR Sight (LED) TYPE 1 - 3.25 MOA Red Dot w/Adj Brightness:


Inforce APL Gen 3 400 Lumens Pistol Light:


Killer Innovations CZ P10-C Threaded Velocity Barrel:


Torrent Suppressors Orthus P Modular Pistol Suppressor System:


Look out next week for our next build breakdown!

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