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RA International: Dealer Spotlight - Horner Arms

RA International: Dealer Spotlight - Horner Arms
March 15, 2022 282 view(s)

RA International: Dealer Spotlight - Horner Arms

Rainier Arms International Dealer Spotlight: Horner Arms

From selling and servicing to our local community of Auburn WA, to becoming an established brand all over the US, Rainier Arms has expanded to exporting and partnering with dealers all over the world. I wanted to highlight one of our long time international dealers and partners: Horner Arms.

Horner Arms is a firearms retail and distribution company based in Germany. I took some time to ask the CEO of Horner Arms, Matthias Horner, some questions about his business and how he got started.


When did you first get into firearms?

“I first got into contact with firearms through shooting sports when I was 16 years old. Since then I grew up in the shooting community and I became a shooter, hunter, reloader, and collector. I am also a weapons expert for authorities and law courts and I give reports on guns, technical situations, worth, etc.”

When and how did you start your business?
“I joined the German Army for 6 years and I did several turns in Kosovo and Afghanistan. After I left the Army I went to college to get my Bachelors of Engineering and Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering. During my time at university, I started my business in 2002. At first I only got parts for the AR and began to customize them. I then did all the tests, training, and exams to receive the German master gunsmithing degree which allowed me to build and sell firearms.”


Where is your business at now and what services / products do you provide?

“We moved into our new building 4 years ago. We now offer a variety of different firearms parts and accessories from top manufacturers all under one roof. We do all kinds of gunsmith work, laser, and cerakote work as well. We work for shooters, hunters, enthusiasts, and law enforcement and public offices.”


Horner Arms has been a dealer with us since 2015 and it’s been amazing working with them and seeing how much they’ve grown. If you are in the area and are looking for a shop in Germany, then make sure to check them out! They are located Bargauer Str.26 in 73540 Heubach, Germany. Here is there website: https://www.hornerarms.de/


How can we help you?

With an expertise in ITAR & EAR related exports, Rainier Arms International can help support individual purchases as well as to develop business to business relationships. If you and your business is looking for a trustworthy international partner with strong partnerships in the tactical space, contact us today at [email protected]

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