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  1. I first came across the Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Chevron Front Sight Post in the same place I think many of us do when discovering new and interesting products for shooting – Facebook. Up popped an image in my feed with a close-up shot of a front sight post unlike any I’d seen before. My experience with front sight posts on ARs was limited to just that, a post. You looked through your peep sight on your rear iron sight and there was a plain, black post waiting for you down at the other end for your aiming needs.

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  2. Let's take a minute to discuss the bane of my existence - factory handgun sights. I hate them. It doesn't even matter which manufacturer, really. Realistically, you're going to end up with one of two options: 1) some sort of white dot sight, to include Glock's weird pumpkin/basket configuration, or 2) some sort of glowing 3-dot sight. As a Glock shooter, I dislike both options, so I rarely spring for the more expensive night sight gun. I usually buy the cheaper plastic sight gun, then use the savings to put toward a nice set of aftermarket sights. I'm always open to new designs, but as of now my favorite sights are from 10-8 Performance.

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