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Centurion Arms Lightweight Hammer Forged 5.56 Barrel - 11.5"


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Centurion Arms Lightweight Hammer Forged 5.56 Barrel - 11.5"


Lightweight Hammer Forged Barrel, Carbine, .750 Gas Journal

Cold Hammer Forged Barrels

Hammer forging is a process in which a drilled, reamed and honed blank has the rifling formed into it by placing the barrel blank on a mandrel that has the rifling ground into its outer surface. The blank and mandrel are then placed between two opposing power hammers and the blank is beaten around the mandrel leaving the rifling pattern in the barrel. This process leaves an extremely smooth and consistent surface on the inside of the barrel, that lends itself to excellent accuracy. The forging process also work hardens the barrel steel causing a very durable and much longer lasting barrel. Their barrels have a slight taper to the bore during the hammer forging process to ensure better accuracy.

Chrome lined chamber and bore

The hard chrome used to coat the chamber and bore are harder than the barrel steel itself. This aids in longevity and also reduces fouling and corrosion often seen in austere field conditions. Chrome also aids in chambering, extraction, and overall reliability of the weapon. Thus, giving the operator a more reliable weapon with less maintenance. They have their chrome lining applied to twice the thickness of standard small arms barrels.

Barrel steel

The steel used in their hammer forged barrels was specifically developed as machine gun barrel steel to help increase the barrel life under prolonged rigorous firing schedules.

Twist rate

They use a 1/7 (1 turn in 7 inches) twist rate in all their barrels. This is the best overall twist rate for this weapons system. The 1/7 twist will stabilize any of the light weight 5.56 bullets as well as any other twist. This twist will also stabilize the newer heavier bullets that are being used allowing the operator to get the best performance out of this weapon system.


They use a true 5.56 chamber in their barrels allowing the operator the ability to use the higher pressure military ammunition on the market and helping to enhance reliability.

Feed ramps

Their barrels are supplied with extended M4 style feed ramps to enhance overall feeding and weapons reliability.


The barrel finish they use is a manganese phosphate finish (Mil-Spec A-A-59267). This finish allows for better absorption of oils to help prevent corrosion. These barrels are all finished prior to any gas blocks being mounted to ensure the entire surface is covered to maximum protection even under the gas block.

HPT/MP inspected

HPT(high pressure test) is a process where a proof load rated at 70,000 psi, far exceeding a normal round, is fired trough the barrel then the barrel is MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected) to detect any flaws in the barrel steel from the proof load. These are standard quality assurance tests performed on all their hammer forged barrels to ensure the highest quality product.


11.5in 1lb 3.8oz stripped

Gas Port Size

11.5in   .069

More Information
Product Type Barrel
Manufacturer Centurion Arms
Gas Block Diameter .750"
Thread Pitch 1/2x28
Twist Rate 1:7
Gas Length Carbine
Barrel Length 11.5"
Caliber .223/5.56
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