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Cross Machine Tool (CMT) Tactical ZComp Combat Flash Compensator (CFC) Mini - .223/5.56MM


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Cross Machine Tool (CMT) Tactical ZComp Combat Flash Compensator (CFC) Mini - .223/5.56MM


The CFC MINI 556  (Combat Flash Compensator) A.K.A. the ZCOMP™ is a Hybrid muzzle device.The CFC-M-556 is designed to reduce and distort visible muzzle flash, reduce muzzle rise & mitigate felt recoil. Function of the CFC-M-556 muzzle device is equaled by the exceptional visible manufacturing quality & appearance of the muzzle device.



  • Manufactured from  Stainless Steel
  • QPQ Nitride finished for durability & corrsion protection-standard
  •  1/2 28 RH ID threads
  •  .862" max diameter, 1.742 long (A2 PROFILE)
  • Surface Hardness-68RC
  • Weight- 1.7 ozs   
  • Caliber- 5.56mm / .223 Remington only
  • Rating- Full Auto
  • Zero porting on bottom side to reduce ground signature when fired from the prone position
  • Zero porting on the top side center to reduce flash sight obstruction through optics/sights
  • Large combustion chamber with ports on each side to aid flash distortion
  • Crush washer included (not for suppressor use)
  • Made in the USA
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Product Type Compensator
Manufacturer Cross Machine Tool (CMT)
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