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Dark Angel Medical

D.A.R.K. Pocket Coyote

D.A.R.K. Pocket Coyote
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Our pocket-sized 'minimalist' version of our D.A.R.K., called the "Pocket D.A.R.K." Following the same guidelines of our motto, "Simplicity Under Stress", we've packaged the bare essentials into this kit and have decreased the size so that it'll easily fit into a cargo pocket, purse, glove compartment and even the back pocket of a pair of jeans making it your "go to" kit for everyday use.

This is the kit you should carry when you can't carry your standard-size D.A.R.K. or carry it as a "back-up" kit! It measures 4" x 4" x 1" and weighs in at 7 oz. It is packaged in a vacuum-sealed 3 mil thick bag that could also do double duty as a field expedient occlusive dressing.

It also comes with a purpose-built protective nylon pouch from First Spear, LLC, in your color choice of Black or Coyote Brown.

The pouch now has a belt loop channel added to the rear of the pouch so that the kit can be carried on up to a 2" belt as well as a tourniquet band on the front which will hold an additional tourniquet (CAT, SOFTT-W or SWAT-T).

Kit Includes the Following:

  • SWAT-T--easily and quickly applied as a tourniquet or pressure wrap, it can also be utilized as an expedient sling or rib binding.
  • QuikClot Combat Gauze LE--QuikClot Combat Gauze LE-(In Black Package) Z-folded, super absorbent 12' length of gauze with the added benefit of a proven haemostatic agent built-in in order to achieve hemostasis in the event of a massive hemorrhage.
  • OR-- Combat Gauze Mil-Spec (In Green Package) Z-folded, 12' length of gauze with the added benefit of a proven haemostatic agent built-in in order to achieve hemostasis in the event of a massive hemorrhage *with the addition of an X-Ray detectable strip so that the packing gauze can be see on X-rays prior to being taken to the OR.
  • OR--CELOX RAPID--Z-folded, 5' length of gauze with Activated Chitosan (Chito-R) rapidly promotes clotting in the even of life-threatening hemorrhage and can stop bleeds fast!!!
  • 4" Israeli Bandage—Absorbency, Compression, Focused pressure. An extremely versatile, modular bandage in a small package.
  • Gloves- one pair, nitrile, latex-free gloves to protect you from blood or other bodily fluids.

THE POCKET D.A.R.K.--If you have a CCW to be prepared for the unexpected, you should have one of our kits for the same reason!

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU D.A.R.K. Pocket CB
Manufacturer Dark Angel Medical
Finish No
Barrel Length No
Caliber No
Configuration No
Option No
Gas Length No
Height No
Rail Length No
Mount No
Profile No
Reticle No
Co Witness No
Size No



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