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Elzetta Design - Strobe Tail Cap

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Elzetta Design - Strobe Tail Cap
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The Elzetta High-Strobe Tailcap is unlike anything else in operation.  With the Tailcap completely screwed on, the Light produces a constant high-beam and operates exactly like our Click Tailcap.  Loosen the Tailcap, however, and a high-frequency tactical strobe is engaged to disorient an adversary.  The strobe function may be selected whether the Light is on or off (keeping the Tailcap rotated for Strobe Mode enables the strobe light to activate with a single click of the push button).  Unlike lesser flashlights with multiple modes, no repeated clicking of the switch is required to change modes and no unintended mode changes are ever encountered.  The unique Decoupled Binary user interface is simple, intuitive, and delivers the intended function every time; the only system suitable for high-stress tactical operations

High-Strobe Tailcap fits all Elzetta Lights and engages a high-frequency tactical strobe when the Tailcap is loosened anywhere from a few degrees to 1/4 turn (no multiple clicks required).

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Manufacturer Elzetta Design LLC
Configuration Strobe

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