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F5 MFG Modular Brace System with Cyberarm - CZ Scorpion


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F5 MFG Modular Brace System with Cyberarm - CZ Scorpion


The latest advancement in bolt-on braces is the Modular Brace System combo for the CZ SCORPION EVO with the new F5 Cyber Arm. This add-on brace system is designed for the F5 MBS attachment. Use it with or without a strap for ultimate control.

If you have a pistol that needs a brace, the MBS with Cyber Arm fits the bill, putting a nice tail on your SCORPION. Transform your wobbly PCC into a 21st-century blaster. The Cyberarm allows you to take any CZ SCORPION EVO and builds it into a braced pistol.

Don’t waste your time matching brace component, the MBS with Cyber Arm is ready to go out of the box. Machined out of billet Al to exacting specifications and an ergonomic, one size fits all forearm section. Take your pistol to the next level, and maximize your control at the range.


  • Left side folding brace for compact storage
  • Ergonomic forearm cradling geometry
  • 6061 billet Al construction and nylon 6/6 polymer
  • Ready to accept strap for extra control
  • Direct fit with all CZ SCORPION EVO firearms
  • Made in America
  • Strap not included
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Product Type Brace
Manufacturer F5 MFG
Color Black
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