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Fortis Mfg Condition Yellow - 3D Rubber Morale Patch

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Fortis Mfg Condition Yellow - 3D Rubber Morale Patch


The Condition Yellow patch is based on Jeff Cooper's color-coded states of awareness, with yellow being the "Relaxed Alert" state. This is a calm awareness of one's surroundings, a readiness to react to the dangers that exist in our society.

Simply, the color codes are as follows:

  • White: Preoccupied and oblivious
  • Yellow: Alert, no specific threat
  • Orange: High alert, threat perceived
  • Red: Actively engaging threat
  • Black: Frozen, panic.

3D PVC rubber morale patch with hook Velcro on the back sewn in. Have fun while packing your gear around in style.

3.25" x 1.25"
More Information
Manufacturer Fortis MFG
Finish black
Barrel Length 10.3"
Caliber 7.62x51
Configuration 1/2X28 Thread
Option AR15
Rail Length 12"
Mount Picatinny