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Gear Head Works CZ Scorpion Reverse Safety

Safety Selector

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Gear Head Works CZ Scorpion Reverse Safety


This safety solves the issue with your trigger finger getting rubbed by the factory safety. It reverses the lever so that it is up when on fire and down when on safe. It gives you a tactile feel for your trigger finger to know when it is on safe. The most convienient feature though is how easy it is to put on safe after firing. Simply reach up with your trigger finger and pull it down. Much easier than trying to push a lever up that is behind the natural reach of your finger.

  • Easy installation with just a field strip and hex key (not included)
  • This fits the right side only and will work with the factory folding stock while in the safe position.
  • Machined from billet 6061 and hard anodized
More Information
Product Type Safety Selector
Manufacturer Gear Head Works
Option CZ
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