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Handl Defense SCAR Gas Control Jet - 2.40mm

Gas Rings

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Handl Defense SCAR Gas Control Jet - 2.40mm

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Handl Defense Gas Control Jet for the SCAR16 & SCAR17 is another public release from the Mk.17/Mk.20 Improvement Program. The Handl Defense Gas Control Jet is a must have upgrade for any FN SCAR user, especially those using suppressors. Made from 316 Stainless Steel, our gas control jets will resist carbon build-up, minimize erosion, resist siezing and easily serviced with a 2.5mm Allen wrench.


Handl Defense tested the Handl Defense Improved SCAR platform in excess of the standards in the CAR-H spec sheet of 2011. During sustained fire and suppressed fire it became quickly apparent the gas control jets needed to be regularly replaced.


The factory gas control Jet are made of mild steel and uses a proprietary flat head type tool for servicing.  After just a few rounds fired though the weapon system, the FN gas control jets show initial signs of corrosion. This will eventually change how the weapon will function. There were numerous jets that seized in the gas block making servicing almost impossible during testing.



  • Ability to tune the gun for different types of ammunition
  • Ideal for different length barrels
  • A must have for users running suppressors to prevent accessible over gassing and premature wear and tear on weapon
  • No proprietary tools needed for install
  • Hardened for sustained use
  • Erosion resistant
  • Corrosion resistant



  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Grade: A4-70
  • Install: 2.5mm Allen Key


Recommended Gas Control Jet Size:


  • 16″ – 1.70mm
  • 13″ – 1.80mm


  • 16″ – 2.00mm
  • 10″ – 2.25mm
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