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Handl Defense

Handl Defense SCAR Stock Hinge

Handl Defense SCAR Stock Hinge
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Handl Defense SCAR Stock Hinge for the SCAR16 & SCAR17 is another public release from the Mk.17/ Mk.20 Improvement Program. Originally designed for USSOCOM, the Handl Defense SCAR Stock Hinge converts the polymer factory hinge of the SCAR Mk.16/ Mk.17/ 16S/ and 17S rifles to an alloy hinge.  The Handl Defense Stock Hinge prevents the hinge assembly cracking or breaking during sustained fire or heavy impacts.

Members of USSOCOM reported during the Handl Defense Improvement Program, having to carry multiple buttstock assemblies due to the probability of failure. The factory stock hinge takes the massive majority of the impact of the bolt carrier during recoil. It was discovered, particulars of the FN design, when subjected to the stress of combat operations, caused failures of the hinge assembly.

The solution: The Handl Defense SCAR Stock Hinge. The Handl Defense SCAR Stock Hinge reinforces the interface between the hinge and receiver rear plate assembly. This eliminates the possibility a catastrophic failure of the weapon buttstock assembly.

The Handl Defense SCAR Stock Hinge also has the added benefit of suppressing the felt recoil impulse. Due to the different design and tensile strength of the aluminum alloy, it allows the stock buffer assembly to work more effectively.


  • Material: Machined Aluminum & T6 Treated
  • Coating: Type III Hard Coat Anodized
  • Paint: Special Formulated Mil Spec Finish
  • Features: QD Socket at 6 o’clock for Sling Attachment


  • Eliminate cracking of the factory stock hinge and improve reliability of weapon
  • Increase accuracy
  • Minimized felt recoil
  • Easy install with a hammer and punch set
  • 100% parts swap from existing stock

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Handl Defense
Finish No
Barrel Length No
Caliber No
Configuration N/A
Option N/A
Gas Length No
Height N/A
Rail Length N/A
Mount N/A
Profile No
Reticle N/A
Co Witness N/A
Size No


Customer Reviews (2)

Does not fit as advertisedReview by
I installed this part to upgrade as I thought it would tighten up the stocks lock up and strengthen it. It does not fit properly and leaves the stock wiggly up and down along with side to side looseness. I removed it and I went back to an original plastic stock hinge. There is a big difference and think the original design is better. This part by Handle Defence is a way overpriced item for improvement of an already good design in my opinion. If the original ever break I will just purchase another or have one on hand in my spare parts. So far no problems with oem one.. (Posted on 9/1/2016)
LooseReview by
I had this installed on my SCAR 17 and the fit was loose. The stock now has a rocking/wiggling motion after installing this part. This is because with notch on the aluminum hinge where it mounts to the "receiver plate" is slightly wider. This is not the case with the polymer factory part. Although, it doesn't affect the function of the weapon, I'd expect a tight fit after paying $170.
I e-mailed Handl Defense about this, they had told me that the polymer fits just the same. I just can't notice the wiggling because the "buffer effect" from the polymer. I've handled different SCARs from the factory, there isn't any movement between the factory polymer hinge and the receiver. I replied back with a video clip of the movement I'm experiencing with their part installed and have yet to hear anything back.
(Posted on 1/9/2016)

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