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James Madison Tactical (JMT) Gen 2 Polymer 80% AR15 Lower Receiver & Jig

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James Madison Tactical (JMT) Gen 2 Polymer 80% AR15 Lower Receiver & Jig

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James Madison Tactical Gen 2 80% Polymer Lower and Jig

The JMT 80% Carbon/long Fiber/polymer lower receiver is not to be compared with any other polymer lower on the market today. JMT has incorporated new material technology and manufacturing processes for enhanced durability, strength and reliability. The JMT 80% lower also comes with a specially designed 3-piece machining jig with every order. This allows the user to machine the JMT 80% polymer/composite fiber lower receiver with ease and precision using simple tools.

The first thing users will notice is the JMT 80% lower receiver looks beefed up from the outside and rightly so. JMT has managed to reinforce traditionally weak points found on other lower receivers offering the user a stronger lower receiver while keeping all of the required Mil Spec areas and attach points within Mil Spec tolerances. This permits smooth operations using a wide variety of Mil Spec and aftermarket accessories.

An enhanced mag well allows for use of many different magazines. No more concerns about whether your magazine is going to release when you push the magazine catch button. The JMT 80% polymer/fiber lower receiver features the latest in polymer/composite fiber technology along with sound engineering and (FEA) structural analysis. Reinforced longerons that run full span along the fire control pocket, over a molded metal threaded insert for pistol grip screw, reinforced butt stock mount, enhanced oversize trigger guard, reinforced flared mag well, forward magazine finger grate, enhanced gusseted forward upper receiver tabs, This is what makes the JMT 80% lower receiver superior to all others.


  • Extended upper fire control box sections
  • Upper left magazine well box section
  • Webbed magazine wells L & R side (matched for MagPul) magazines
  • Extended bolt release roll pin posts
  • New JMT Gen2 logo markings
  • Enhanced / oversized trigger guard
  • Reinforced upper forward pin tabs
  • Reinforced buttstock mount
  • Flared magazine receiver
  • Forward magazine finger grate
  • Compatible with metal AR-15 parts kit
  • Supports multiple calibers
  • Light weight
  • Will work on any upper receiver
  • Your purchase includes easy-to-follow instructions for completion of your JMT Polymer 80 to a fully functioning 100% lower receiver.
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