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Kriss USA Vector CRB Enhanced Shroud - 16"

Muzzle Device Accessory

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Kriss USA Vector CRB Enhanced Shroud - 16"


Change the visual profile of your KRISS Vector CRB with the Enhanced Barrel Shroud. It is designed to fit both the GEN I and GEN II KRISS 16" Vector CRB models for all centerfire calibers. Barrel shroud measures approximately 12.5" in length.


When installing the barrel shroud, be sure that the set screw is correctly tightened against the divot on the barrel. Check this screw periodically to ensure that it has not loosened from operation. We recommend degreasing the screw and applying blue threadlocker.


Please Note:

  • While compatible with the Gen 1 Vector, this barrel shroud will block the Gen 1 Vector's integrated light mount.
  • This barrel shroud is not compatible with the Mk5, Mk9 and Mk11 Vector Modular Rail handguards. 
  • This is a cosmetic item for use with centerfire Vector CRB models with 16" barrel. It covers the Vector carbine's 16" barrel for improved visual aesthetics. This is not a barrel extension nor sound suppressor and is not a threaded mount device. It cannot be used with short barrel Vector models as a barrel extension or any other purpose. It cannot safely nor securely mount/attach onto a short barrel Vector.
  • Kriss Vector is NOT included!
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Product Type Muzzle Device Accessory
Manufacturer Kriss USA
Color Black
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