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Everything on the lower half of your AR .308 / .223 and other platforms. You can find stripped lower receivers, trigger groups, grips, kits, and much more in our shop. All of the parts are made by the leading manufacturers in the industry. Besides lower parts, you may find complete lowers or 80% lower receivers for your firearm.


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Brief lower parts anatomy

Building AR-15 is very popular nowadays because it gives you the ability to build the gun the way you want to. If you are the type of person that doesn’t want to get your hands dirty, you can always buy a complete lower receiver.

There are a lot of lower receivers on the market today. Some of them are expensive, others are affordable. The price varies depending on the material, the final look, enhancements, and other factors.

We may say that we have three types of lower receivers; the first is stripped, the second is complete, and the third one is 80 percent lower receiver. The stripped lower receiver is a piece of aluminum forged or billet into the final shape. You need to add the stock, grip, trigger groups, magazine release, pins, buffer, safety selector, and magazine to the shape.

How to choose the right lower receiver? The simple answer would be - it depends on your needs.

For instance, if you use gloves when shooting you should consider buying a lower receiver with the removable trigger guard. For speed reloading, you may buy a lower receiver with a wider magazine well. If you have already bought a lower receiver, you may enhance it by installing the magazine well adapter. The AR platform is highly customizable, meaning that there is a solution to every problem. There is a part that will fix the problem. Bottom line, whichever lower receiver you buy, you will not make a mistake.

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