Firearms manufacturer profiles on Rainier Arms. Check out the most popular brands and major high-quality manufacturers from the firearms industry.


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Speer’s reputation for making the world's finest component bullets and loaded ammunition goes all the way back to 1943. That’s when Vernon Speer started bui...

Sprinco (Tactical Springs)

Custom made springs

Tactical Springs LLC and Machine Gunners Lube™ was born out of a need to supply Military and LEO Operators with mission specific springs and lubrication, util...

Springer Precision

Firearm parts

Springer Precision specializes in manufacturing high-quality firearm parts.

Springfield Armory

Defend your legacy

Springfield Armory, the First Name in American Firearms, began in 1777, when George Washington ordered the creation of Springfield Armory to store ammunition an...

Squared Away Customs

Holsters, pouches, sheaths

Squared Away Customs specializes in manufacturing high-quality holsters, mag pouches and sheaths.


Twenty-five years ago, Staccato (formerly STI) revolutionized competition shooting by bringing the world a new gun platform, the 2011®. As they've grown, thei...

Stag Arms

Stag Arms AR15 Rifle parts and accessories

Stag Arms is a firearms manufacturer of the AR-15 type rifle, marketed as Stag-15 rifles and firearms parts for AR-15 and M4. They are best known for their left...

Statement Defense

Firearms, parts, accessories

Statement Defense is a small family owned company with the sole purpose of creating a high performing glock pistol with minimal but necessary upgrades to improv...

Stealth Project

Guns Don't have to be LOUD!

STEALTH PROJECT SUPPRESSORS performs differently than the 100-year-old baffle system utilizing a patented helical monocore designed with Accelerated Gas Technol...

Steiner Optics

Nothing Escapes You

These premium German optics are now available in 65 countries, prized by sportsmen and spectators, birders and mariners, aviators and explorers, and deployed by...


High Quality Ammunition

The adventure that started 30 years ago continues without losing its speed. The Sterling brand has never compromised its customer-oriented approach. From this p...

Stern Defense

Firearm parts, accessories

Stern Defense specializes in manufacturing high-quality firearm parts and accessories.

Steyr Arms

World Leaders in Innovation, Precision, Reliability, Safety and Innovation

Steyr Arms is a world-renowned firearms manufacturer that has always been, and will always be, a company that strives to be the best. Not just for you but for t...

STI International


STI International specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality handguns.

Strike Industries

Strike hard, Strike Fast!

Formed in 2011, Strike Industries is a firearms accessories company composed of avid AR15 and pistol shooters. Although there are already many phenomenal firear...


Every day tough

Stoeger Industries offers high-quality shotguns, pistols, turkey shotguns, waterfowl shotguns, pump shotguns, and target guns at more than affordable prices. Al...

Items 321 to 336 of 403 total

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