Firearms manufacturer profiles on Rainier Arms. Check out the most popular brands and major high-quality manufacturers from the firearms industry.


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Battle Arms Development

Design, research, and development of firearms parts

Battle Arms Development (B.A.D.) is a design, research, and development firm with a focus on small arms design. Small arms such as firearms components, tools, g...

Battle Comp Enterprises

World's Best Rifle Comps!

Battle Comp Enterprises is a manufacturer of tactical compensators, creators of one of the finest tactical rifle compensators for military and police. All Battl...


It’s not a knife... It’s a Benchmade.

In 1987, Benchmade set out to make the best knives in the world — and that’s exactly what we did. We’ve grown a lot since then, and while we’ve expanded...


Rifles & Shotguns

Benelli offers the world’s largest selection, with more than 120 different models to choose from. Every shotgun Benelli makes delivers cutting-edge innovation...


Hit The Target

Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta is a privately held Italian firearms manufacturing company operating in several countries. Its firearms are used worldwide for a ...

Beta Company

High capacity magazines

Beta Company produces high capacity magazines for various firearms systems. All of their magazines are compatible with 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and 9mm caliber. All Beta...

Billet Rifle Systems

Firearms and accessories

Established in 2012, Billet Rifle Systems is the answer to many requests for a quality and affordable billet AR-15 lower receiver. All products made in the US...

Blitzkrieg Components

Strike like Lightning!

Blitzkrieg Components uses years of military and competition shooting experience to develop new and innovative products to enhance your shooting experience. Our...



Balanced. Intuitive. Integrated.

BLK LBL was borne out of the question; why is something as practical as a bipod still an impractical attachment? Decades of real world research, engineering, fa...


Customize your AR-15 with the best AR accessories

Bootleg Inc. was formed as a sister company of Primary Weapons Systems in 2015 in Boise, ID, with a sole focus on Direct Impingement (DI) accessories and other ...


Bowers Group LLC

Quiet versatility

In the late 90’s Tom Bowers started manufacturing suppressors under the “Bowers” name. At that time his goal was to make a quality subgun can at a fair pr...

Brown Bear


As part of the Barnaul Cartridge Plant JSC, Brown Bear is a reliable brand of ammunition for target shooting, hunting, and self defense. With a distinct case, r...

Bobro Engineering

Scope mounts, sights, apparel

Bobro Engineering designs and produces small arms-related equipment featuring advanced mechanical engineering. All engineering and prototype processes are perfo...

Brace Built

Items 49 to 64 of 406 total

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