DRD Tactical

After building a 7.62mm rifle that fits in a briefcase for the Clandestine Sniper Rifle project, DRD Tactical was born and ready to build handcrafted, American-made firearms and start the development of innovative solutions. They have successfully developed the PARATUS® with two patents - a quick barrel change and an internal recoil system, the parts that became the base for the future DRD Tactical rifles. Their attention to details, alongside with maximum power and extreme range of the handcrafted rifles, is crucial for developing nothing but the masterpiece. True authenticity is provided by unique sculpting of the mag well, as well as by finger rest grooves machined above the trigger and hammer pins. DRD Tactical has focused on producing additional quality products, such as long-distance sniper rifles, AR patterned rifles, and machine guns. Only the highest quality US materials are used in manufacturing the DRD firearms.

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