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Lancer Systems

Firearms, parts, accessories

Lancer Systems is an engineering-driven company. Their goal is to provide total engineered solutions; applications assessment, component design & development, validation and manufacturing. They aim to fill capability gaps for the military, law enforcement agencies, OEMs and end users across the defense, oil and gas, and aerospace industries. Lancer Systems’ facility has a Type-07 Federal Firearms License as well as an SOT allowing us to manufacture firearms as well as NFA items. Lancer designs, develops and tests all advanced weapons and components in-house. Lancer Systems’ focus within the firearms industry is on the development and application and integration of advanced lightweight materials and technologies into innovative new products that decrease weapon system weight and increase warfighter efficiency. They’ve developed and currently manufacture a full line of products sold under the Lancer brand, as well as developed and manufactured products for various other small arms manufacturers.

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