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Riley Defense

Riley Defense Inc., is a family owned and operated AK47/AK74 manufacturer located in Charlotte, NC. The idea was born out of a need to produce top quality variants of the AK47/AK74 platform made in the USA at a competitive price with an emphasis on customer service. Riley Defense believe that producing a quality product is one part of the experience and excellent customer service is the other part to ensure a satisfying experience for their customers. Riley Defense work diligently to ensure their products are top quality and your experience of owning their products would be enjoyable and hassle free. As business grows and they establish a stellar reputation, new products in the pipeline will be introduced to satisfy customers need for other types and variants of firearms.

Riley Defense pride themselves on producing American made variants of the AK47/AK74 assault rifles: Classic , Polymer , Tactical, and Pistol  with the highest quality at very competitive prices. Riley Defense have invested heavily in tooling to produce the parts that go into their firearms. Riley Defense firearms go through a rigorous and meticulous quality assurance process and test-fired to make sure every firearm that is shipped out is fully functional and dependable

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