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Timney Triggers

Firearm triggers

Timney Triggers was founded in 1946 responding to the problem that the trigger was often the most overlooked component of a sporting rifle. Even though the trigger is one of the most important factors in shooting accuracy, in many guns, the trigger pull is hard, causing one to “lead the trigger” sometimes compromising accuracy as the barrel moves off target. Installing a Timney trigger in your gun, means you have a trigger engineered to allow you to adjust the pull weight, have virtually no creep and when you shoot, you will feel a crispness, “like breaking a glass rod”. What this means is when you squeeze a Timney trigger the only action you feel is the weight you put on the trigger to make it fire. The barrel remains where you aimed it and accuracy is enhanced. Their aim as one of the oldest and largest trigger manufacturers in the world, as well as being a family owned business for two generations, is to provide you with a lifetime of accurate shooting by manufacturing the very best quality precision trigger. They firmly believe our manufacturing process utilizes the best of the modern workplace: human spirit, knowledge and skill combined with cutting edge machinery and technology. They believe so completely in the quality of our work and the materials they use, that all triggers have a lifetime warranty. Housings are CNC manufactured from aircraft quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. After almost five decades of making triggers, they’ve tested a lot of materials and chose aluminum for the housings because the housing must hold exact geometric tolerances and aluminum has great stability and so will remain in place better than steel. Trigger components which are subject to wear, such as the trigger and sear levers are machined from solid steel using state of the art EDM and other CNC machines. These parts are then hardened, ground and polished to meet our (and your) exacting requirements. To ensure that your trigger will function flawlessly when installed in your rifle, each trigger is hand-assembled as well as tested and calibrated in the action of the rifle it is intended for before it leaves the factory. Each step in the manufacturing process has the goal of providing you with a lifetime of shooting enjoyment.

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