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Mesa Tactical High Tube Telescoping Stock Kit - Remington 870

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Mesa Tactical High Tube Telescoping Stock Kit - Remington 870


The High-Tube®Telescoping Stock system adapts AR-15 pattern stocks, grips and accessories to shotguns from Remington and Mossberg shotguns.

With the High-Tube®Telescoping Stock system, military, law enforcement and civilian shooters can mount almost any AR-15 stocks and grips on to their favorite pump-action shotguns, supporting a variety of tactical applications. A 9 1/2" inch Picatinny rail can be employed to mount tactical optics and accessories.

In responding to the growing interest in the use of reflex, red-dot and similar optics on shotguns, it was discovered that traditional bird-gun stocks do not lend themselves to use with these accessories, so we developed a system around the AR-15, the most popular tactical rifle platform in America.

The heart of the Mesa Tactical High-Tube®Telescoping Stock system is the receiver adapter, made from investment cast T6 aluminum with a hard anodized finish. The AR adapters are available Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 pump-action shotguns.  The receiver adapter accepts any AR-15 style grip and any AR-15 style buttstock. High-tube adapters are drilled and tapped on three sides for Picatinny accessory rails, sling swivel studs, or other accessories.

Telescoping AR-15 style buttstocks combine with a pistol grip to help shooters of all sizes keep the weapon close to the body, even when wearing body armor or heavy tactical vests.  The buttstock extension tube is fitted high against the receiver, for firm cheek weld when used with red-dot, reflex or other advanced tactical optics.

The concept is simple: the shotgun stock is replaced by an adapter that mimics the stock attachment point of an AR-15 lower receiver. This adapter accepts an AR-15 receiver buffer tube. The AR-15 collapsible stock and pistol grip can then be reliably attached to the shotgun. 

Complete stock kits additionally include an M4 Carbine style telescoping buttstock assembly, an ERGO AR grip, a stamped steel stock wrench and a push-button sling swivel.

All Mesa Tactical AR Stock and Grip System components can be installed in minutes with household tools.  No gunsmithing or fitting is required.

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