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Mesa Tactical LEO Gen I Telescoping Stock Adapter for Remington 870 (12-GA)

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Mesa Tactical LEO Gen I Telescoping Stock Adapter for Remington 870 (12-GA)


Mesa Tactical's LEO® telescoping stock adapters and pistol grip stock systems for tactical shotguns feature a stock elevation about an inch lower than the High-tube adapters and don’t require sighting or aiming aids. The concept is simple: the shotgun stock is replaced by an adapter that mimics the stock attachment point of an AR-15 lower receiver. This adapter accepts an AR-15 receiver mil-spec buffer tube. The AR-15 collapsible stock and pistol grip can then be reliably attached to the shotgun.  

The stock adapter system enables tactical operators to instantly adjust the length of pull of the telescoping stock in order to accommodate differences in individual body sizes, or when wearing body armor, without compromising the safest shooting position. The LEO telescoping stock system also incorporates a new and advanced sling attachment method, which accommodates a wide variety of optional sling styles. 

The most important capability of these adapters is to facilitate the use of collapsing or telescoping stocks, which provide a shorter length of pull (LoP) than the factory stock, which is especially important for law enforcement or “tactical” operators. In addition, these stock adapters accept a recoil reducing hydraulic buffer from Crosshair™ that reduces felt recoil. The Mesa Tactical/Crosshair combination is by far the most robust and most effective of several recoil-reducing shotgun stock systems on the market.

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