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MGM Targets Eagle Eye Switchview Universal Fit - Black

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MGM Targets Eagle Eye Switchview Universal Fit - Black


Universal Fit - for ANY scope.

Instant Scope Magnification Adjustment.

Hunters, Tactical Shooters, Competitive Shooters, This is it!

The same technology, design team and engineering that created the original SwitchView magnification adjustment lever has finished over a year of precise development and now presents the EAGLE EYE SpeedLever (patent pending) - The next generation of control is here!

The same SwitchView function and reliability that is highly demanded by elite US military forces, SWAT teams, top competitive shooters and experienced hunters is now available in a UNIVERSAL fit, polymer version. It simply and securely attaches around the scope magnification ring for fast and easy adjustment of your scope.

  • Instantly adjust scope magnification from scanning to locked on and MAKE THE SHOT.

  • From scanning to making the shot.

  • No more fumbling for the scope.

  • Easy operation even in cold and wet conditions.

  • Maintain natural hand and firing position.

  • Steady sight picture.

  • Easy installation.

  • American made!

Every kit includes:

  • One MGM Eagle Eye Switchview lever

  • Two universal fit clamp straps

  • Connection screws

  • Wrench

  • Easy to follow 3-step installation instructions.

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