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Multitasker Series 3X - Tan

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Multitasker Series 3X - Tan


Series3 Multitasker Unlike other mass produced multitools, Multitasker utilizes high-end materials and advanced machining methods to achieve build quality that is head and shoulders above the competition. For example, the pliers are CNC machined from solid D2, a high grade tool steel, instead of cost-saving investment cast from inferior stainless steel. G10 scales, commonly used for tactical knives, are selected to help insure a slip-resistant gripping surface. Aluminum-bronze washers and a stainless steel plier pivot bearing provide for maintenance-free operation. But what makes Multitasker truly unique is the weapon-specific focus. Multitasker is THE tool of choice for leading training professionals such as Chris Costa, EAG Tactical/Pat Rogers, Magpul Dynamics - as well as elite military/law enforcement agencies - because it can handle virtually all of the field maintenance tasks for the AR platform, as well as many leading service pistols. The Series3 represents the ultimate iteration of our weapon-centric multi-tool platform. This is the "Pocket Toolbox" concept taken to the extreme.

Tools / Features:

  • CNC machined plier head (D2 tool steel) with replaceable wire-cutter inserts
  • Slip resistant G10 scales
  • Dual lug M4 castle nut spanner wrench/bottle opener
  • 1/4" std screwdriver tip
  • 3" Drop point knife blade (D2 steel)
  • 3/8" BOX WRENCH for LaRue mounts
  • 1/2" HEX WRENCH for scope rings
  • 8-32 MALE THREAD: OTIS cleaning kit compatible
  • 3/32" PIN PUNCH
  • Magnetic 1/4" bit holder with removable 4-prong A2 style front sight adjustment tool
  • 10 AR-CENTRIC 1/4" HEX BITS with carrier

Supplied Hex Bits:

  • T10 Torx
  • T15 Torx
  • 3/32 Hex
  • 7/64 Hex
  • 1/8 Hex
  • 9/64 Hex
  • 3/16 Hex
  • 3/32 slotted
  • 3/16 slotted
  • No. 1 Phillips
More Information
SKU 88621
Manufacturer Multitasker Tools
Gas Length Mid
Rail Length 10"
Finish black
Mount KeyMod
Option AR15
Size 9 Slot
Profile Standard
Barrel Length 16"
Caliber .223 / 5.56
Configuration 1/2X36 Thread