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OSS Operators Suppressor System 5.56

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OSS Operators Suppressor System 5.56


OSS delivers the next generation of weapon suppression and signature reduction devices. Our Energy, Particulate Capture and Control Modular Devices are revolutionary, utilizing 12 patented technologies. OSS devices are specifically engineered to a weapons operating system, caliber, and barrel length. The function and physics of these variables are the essential basics of every design. The weapon systems performance and reliability will not be sacrificed in order to gain the advantages of suppression.

The modular system components are designed to be configured at the end-user level in order to maximize effectiveness and tactical advantage from mission to mission. Every unit is caliber convertible allowing for the same outer housing unit to be used on multiple weapons platforms. This capability also allows for the use of all types of training ammunition, now its possible to practice as we play.

Modularity not only offers maximum effectiveness, OSS takes engineering to an entirely new level of cost effective sustainment. Any part of every device can be removed and replaced independently as needed. Regardless of the level of use, the cost of maintaining a suppressed capability has now been reduced to a fraction of tradition designs. A reasonable person would never consider throwing away a rifle or accepting poor performance when the barrel is burned out, we would all change out the barrel. As an essential capability, OSS applies the same principles and sensibility to suppression. Maintain your advantage!


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Manufacturer Operators Suppressor Systems
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