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Rainier Arms, LLC

Rainier Arms Avalanche Charging Handle Black 5.56-Knurled

Rainier Arms Avalanche A.I. (Ambidextrous Interchangeable) Charging Handle 5.56 supports the uniqueness of today’s shooter while combining the performance you have come to expect from Rainier Arms.
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The Avalanche’s unique interchangeable handles offer a customized look and feel while supporting individual shooting styles, preserving the fast and fluid motion from either their strong side or support side. 

  • Made in the USA from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum
  • Hard Type III Black Anodize

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU Avalanche BLK-Knurled 556
Manufacturer Rainier Arms, LLC
Finish No
Barrel Length No
Caliber No
Configuration No
Option No
Gas Length No
Height No
Rail Length No
Mount No
Profile No
Reticle No
Co Witness No
Size No


Customer Reviews (6)

Best charging handle everReview by Ira
I have been shooting and building ARs since the late 80's. I have used many different handles in that time. And this not only works great with my hands which aren't as good as they use to be but it also cuts back on me getting gassed when running my can. I have a few thousand rounds with it with out failure of any kind. Bravo Rainier Arms's!! (Posted on 6/20/2016)
Best charging handle I have foundReview by Nathan
This is definitely my favorite charging handle I have found. It's fast, smooth, and comfortable to operate through multiple methods. Mine is definitely well built and the finish is well done. I do find that this part is a bit more snug than mil spec. It works in my Rainier and Anderson uppers just fine, though. You wouldn't think that a charging handle is that big of a deal, but it really is a nice upgrade for a rifle. (Posted on 2/20/2016)
What?Review by John
After seeing the new Avalanche Charging Handle in Ballistic Magazine I, much like the author, just had to have one. I was a little thrown by the price but got over it pretty quickly, then the shipping calculator estimated the shipping at $0. So Feb 10th I ordered it and there was $7.95 in shipping. Now this simple part is approaching the $90 range, twice what I have ever paid for a charging handle in the past. But that’s OK because it looks awesome! It showed up pretty quickly, especially considering I live in the middle of Alaska, again….. Awesome! I opened the package and it looked as awesome as previously described and I was happy. I immediately installed it in the rifle it was meant for and that is where the awesome ended. It wouldn’t charge, the handle doesn’t fall all the way forward when the bolt is in battery and you can’t pull the handle back to operate the bolt because it catches on something. I put it in four different guns all with the same result. Lame. I laid out all five of the charging handles I now have and looked for the difference. The front of the Avalanche charging handle is not as tall as the other four and it doesn’t catch the bolt, it rides up over the ledge and sits atop the radius just below the gas key binding up on the cam pin.
Aside from the obvious problem the Charging handle appears to be of great quality as I’m sure all your products are. Can I assume that my bad luck has reared its ugly head and I received a bad part from an otherwise reputable company? I’m betting so. How do we fix this and get my rifle running with a sweet Avalanche Charging Handle?
(Posted on 2/17/2016)
Good Design, Slightly Disappointing QualityReview by Alexander
Being that I like my Raptor so much, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give this handle a try. The Avalanche is one of my favorites-I find the knurled handles to be extremely comfortable and fast to manipulate. However, this is also a very expensive charging handle and unfortunately I will go back to the Raptor for subsequent builds. For about the same price, the Raptor seems to have significantly higher quality. The first obvious thing is the quality of the finish--after a year of operation (and I play with it a lot!) there is absolutely no raw aluminum exposed on my Raptor. After charging my rifle with the Avalanche a couple times, some spots of finish had already come off. After more experience I don't think the charging handle is being chewed up or anything, but the finish is definitely weaker on the Avalanche. The fit is much worse as well, with the Avalanche wiggling a significant amount more than the Raptor. It definitely makes it feel cheaper, though I won't say this is necessarily a quality thing. Lastly, and I think most tellingly, the roll pins used in the Raptor are spiral/coil pins, whereas the Avalanche uses the standard split roll pins. Coil pins are better in every way (stronger, easier to install) and to me indicate a company that has a high priority on quality and attention to detail. Unfortunately it was probably cheaper for Rainier to go through a small machine shop here in WA than it was to go back to AXTS to build the Avalanche. For that reason I do appreciate the slightly lower price tag, but I'd just like to express that personally I would rather pay the extra money for the same quality as the Raptor but with the amazingly comfortable knurled handles. The design features are nice, but ultimately I like tough, tightly fitting charging handles since we rip those things back and push them forward with the BCG locked back and no gas key to hold it securely in the channel. I think charging handles are one of the parts I've seen fail most, so that is the only reason I'm concerned with such a minute quality difference. Unfortunately the finish and fit seem better on my $20 Strike Industries handle than this one, so I only see myself keeping this handle on my competition gun, which I think is the best use for handle like this. Don't get me wrong. It's still a good handle, and it's easily the fastest one I own. I think with market saturation, firms are trying to find ways to save a little bit of money, but unfortunately us Rainier customers are enthusiasts and we pick apart expensive products like this because there are so many options on the market. (Posted on 2/12/2016)
Jams my rifle.Review by MikeG
Just like the other review on this product, my charger jammed as I was testing it. I've had various handles work on my rifle and this one just doesn't work.

Only reason I kept the thing was cause it works in my dedicated 22lr upper.

Wouldn't recommend the thing for any mil spec AR's. (Posted on 11/24/2015)
0 stars Review by Ahrion
So I ordered this product and spent a good amount of money to get it expedited to me. I was shocked to have been able to get an order in considering the product has been out of stock. I tested this charging handle with my 556 Anderson AR. Before I go any further I have to disclaime that I own a standard S&W MP15 charging handle, standard Anderson charging handle, AXIS Raptor, and BCM Gunfighter. They all perform extremely well with my setup.

I've never had an issue with any charging handles being incompatible with any of my AR15s I've ever used until I tried the avalanche. It was surely an avalanche for me because my charging handle got stuck just testing the thing. Apparently it's not mil-spec or not properly fitted for bolt carrier groups. I tested my Adams Arms bolt carrier, anderson, and MP15 and had the same issue. My charging handle kept slipping on the stop the where the charging handle pulls the BCG to the rear and with each pull back it slipped and gets stuck on the cam pin instead of staying at the stop. 9/10 times this thing failed on me when testing. Had it for a couple hours, didn't even take it to the range and am ready to return it.

Either I got an extremely defective lemon or it's poorly designed. I've never had a charging handle not work. Especially having an Army Ranger background.

I wound also like to add that I received the product with the black anodizing already worn or not even present in a few places. I would like to add that I've had the thing for less than 6 hours.

I don't know what to make of this product as Rainier arms usually produces amazing products. At this moment I'm not very happy. (Posted on 10/20/2015)

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