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Scalarworks LEAP Scope Mount - 30mm

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Scalarworks LEAP Scope Mount - 30mm


The Scalarworks Ring was designed from the ground up to be stiffer, lighter, and easier to use than split rings.

A high-strength, precision fitted hinge ensures even pressure around your optic, without requiring the tedious and imprecise setup that split rings do.

Twin oversize CNC machined shoulder screws provide even tension and act as structural elements, making the entire ring assembly phenomenally rigid.

Each side of the Scalarworks  Ring is carefully lightened with a curvature continuous scallop that produces a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

The Scalarworks  Ring is wider than competing designs, providing more surface area to safely and securely hold your optic.

Weight 5.1 oz.

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SKU SW0700
Manufacturer SCALARWORKS