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Stingerworx Emperor 556 L2 Suppressor with Muzzle Brake

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Stingerworx Emperor 556 L2 Suppressor with Muzzle Brake


Due to its unique modular design the Emperor Series family of suppressors can be configured from a standard suppressor to an over the barrel suppressor for those who prefer increased sound reduction on top of what is already one of the quietest sounding suppressors available to the market both in decibels and tone. This is thanks to our Over the Barrel Expansion Chamber or OBX for short. It does this without increasing the overall length of your weapon and weighs in at 13.1 ounces or less in its standard configuration.
Your new suppressor will last lifetimes due to its patent pending replaceable baffle stack and unique patent pending baffle design. We have seen exceptional wear resistance without the need for heavier materials due to the unique and patent pending blast baffle geometry. In place of absorbing the entirety of the violent gasses, it instead redirects and distributes that wear over two separate and vastly different gas chambers. It comes in a Berry compliant waterproof case with all necessary tools to change configurations as well as properly install and remove the suppressor from the weapon.
The Emperor Family is a suppressor system purposefully built and designed on a platform from which it can grow, adapt and withstand a changing world both in function, need and future decreased legislation of federal laws. This is just the beginning as StingerWorx goes beyond what is possible.


Due to its unique modular design the Emperor 556-L2 was created to be configurable for mission specific applications. It boasts a pending titanium baffle design which can incur a tremendous amount of abuse which is then distributed across two separate and vastly different internal gas chambers. By nature of the design the abuse seen by the blast baffle is significantly decreased thus eliminating the need for the use of heavier materials. The threaded baffle stack is securely held in place in two separate locations with no welds yielding and extremely robust and durable product. The baffle stack is also replaceable in the event of a baffle strike while retaining the ability to change the style of future end caps and accessories.

Length: 7.5 in.
Weight no OBX: 12.8 oz
Weight W/OBX: 16.7 oz (allows an additional 1.5 -3 DB reduction depending)
Diameter: 1.75 in./1.5 in.
Full Auto Rated: Yes
Rated For: 5.56 x 45/.223 Full auto on barrels over 10.5 in. or longer


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Manufacturer Stingerworx
Caliber 5.56