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Surefire SOCOM Series Sound Suppressor 762 Machine Guns - Black


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The SOCOM762-MG Fast-Attach sound suppressor, designed expressly for use with 7.62 caliber machine guns, is a heavy-duty model or our already robust SOCOM series suppressors. It includes advanced suppressor technology developed for our SOCOM762-RC suppressor, which recently won the Mk13 .300 Win-Mag sniper rifle contract award with US Special Operations Command in the most extensive suppressor evaluation in history, and which received the USSOCOM official safety verification in support of fielding.


The SOCOM762-MG features advanced internal venting to reduce back pressure, reducing the suppressed cyclic rate and gas blowback on the operator. The new design also includes an integrated blast shield in the back section and an overbuilt blast baffle, significantly increasing durability. SureFire's patent-pending front-plate design, along with proprietary improvements in gas-flow dynamics, nearly eliminates first-round flash, a technological breakthrough in this area. It also attenuates noise and dust signatures to an unprecedented degree.


A new indexing system means this suppressor mounts to a SureFire muzzle brake or flash hider even more solidly than our previous models, and is easier to remove after extended firing since the index tab is in a low carbon-buildup area.


Like all SureFire Fast-Attach models, the SOCOM762-MG produces minimal, consistent shift in point of impact compared with the unsuppressed weapon regardless of the number of attach-detach cycles.


The SOCOM762-MG is constructed from advanced US mill-certified high-temperature alloys and heat-treated stainless steel, and features a tough, corrosion-resistant Ionbond coating on the Fast-Attach lock ring and Cerakote ceramic finish on the suppressor body, in either Black or Dark Earth color.


All SureFire SOCOM Series suppressors require a compatible, latest-model SureFire muzzle brake/adapter or flash hider/adapter for attachment to a firearm"see Parts and Accessories on this page.


SureFire sound suppressors for rifles and machine guns combine every important suppressor feature: excellent sound, flash, and dust signature reduction"key components of SureFire's Total Signature Reduction (TSR); minimal and consistent zero shift regardless of attach/detach cycles; rock-solid attachment in seconds; compact size; minimal weight; fail-safe baffles to prevent bullet side-exit; and extreme durability permitting full-time use. In fact, your SureFire suppressor should outlast your firearm barrel, depending on use.


All SureFire Fast-Attach sound suppressors provide crucial tactical benefits"they reduce the weapons sound signature, concealing operator's position and protecting both the operator and team members against both permanent and temporary hearing loss, while enhancing situational awareness and communication; reduce or virtually eliminate muzzle flash, concealing operator's position and preserving night vision and unobstructed view; reduce dust signature, concealing operators position and maintaining unobstructed view; and reduce recoil, improving bullet impact observation and allowing for faster follow-up shots.


NOTE: SureFire SOCOM Series Fast-Attach sound suppressors, muzzle brake/suppressor adapters, and flash hider/suppressor adapters are not compatible with previous generation SureFire Fast-Attach sound suppressors, muzzle brakes, or flash hiders.



  • Patented Fast-Attach design provides rock-solid attachment and easy removal in seconds
  • Designed for 7.62 mm machine guns
  • New design provides superior sound attenuation, virtual elimination of first-round muzzle flash, and decreased dust signature
  • Minimal and consistent point-of-impact shift compared with unsuppressed weapon regardless of number of attach/detach cycles
  • Compact and lightweight for minimal impact on weapon handling characteristics
  • Advanced core design reduces back pressure, suppressed cyclic rate, and gas blowback
  • Constructed from advanced high-temperature US mill-certified alloys and stainless steel
  • Redundant-welded subcomponents eliminate parts loosening
  • Tough, corrosion-resistant Ionbond and Cerakote finish in Black or Dark Earth color



  • Caliber: 7.62 mm (.308 caliber)
  • Length: 9.3 inches
  • Weight: 29.3 ounces
  • Diameter: 1.5 inches



More Information
Product Type Suppressor
Manufacturer Surefire
Color Black
Caliber 7.62x51