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Tactical Night Vision Company

TNVC SAR-1 Scope Accessory Ring for 1" Scope Tubes

TNVC SAR-1 Scope Accessory Ring for 1" Scope Tubes
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The TNVC Scope Accessory Ring (SAR) is one of the most practical mount designs for LE Snipers, Allied Warfighters and Civilian Hunters since the advent of the scope ring. Born from real world experience behind a bolt gun on a two-way range, the SAR mounts a Mini Red Dot sight, White Light, Laser System, or other accessory directly on the primary optic’s tube. It was developed following an incident experienced by TNVC’s President when he was serving as an LE Sniper for the San Bernardino Police Department in the 90’s. While providing rear perimeter protection for an entry team through a 10X scope, an armed bad guy emerged from a deep gully behind the house. Luckily, he was taken into custody by the spotter, armed with an M16. But the incident outlined the need to able to immediately engage a threat at close distance with a scoped rifle. Enter the TNVC Scope Accessory Ring.

The SAR is unique in that it is a dedicated two-piece unit, precision machined to fit a specific dimension. The unit securely mounts to a scope tube with no wobble and will withstand repeated recoil from calibers up to and including .50BMG. The SAR has no extra pieces or shims that can fail under stress. Its size-specific construction makes it the most robust unit of its kind on the market. The other main advantage of the TNVC SAR is that it can be placed at any position on the host tube desired by the shooter. Depending on the type of accessory or eye dominance, the shooter can choose to mount the SAR angled to either side of the scope, at high or low positions, or even at the 12 o’clock position. We believe that the shooter should dictate his gear, not the other way around! The SAR will lock securely at any angle and provides a modular option for bolt guns with no existing rail space. Multiple SAR units can be mounted on the same scope to provide the option of mounting several accessories at once.

The TNVC SAR has been serving US Warfighters in the Global War on Terror and Law Enforcement Professionals in their dangerous duties for years. It has been battle proven and tested in extreme environmental conditions and continues to help bring our brave service men and women home alive.

This version of the Scope Accessory Ring is the SAR1 and is machined to fit 1” scope tubes. It is only available in an all-Weaver configuration and will not work with mini red dot sights with recoil lugs.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Tactical Night Vision Company
Finish No
Barrel Length No
Caliber No
Configuration No
Option No
Gas Length No
Height No
Rail Length No
Mount No
Profile No
Reticle No
Co Witness No
Size No


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