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Tyrant Designs Mod V2 Pistol Grip

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Tyrant Designs Mod V2 Pistol Grip

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The ultimate AR-15 Pistol Grip is here. The MOD v2 is the latest version of our best selling skeletonized AR Grip. The MOD v2 is machined from aluminum and merged with a soft durometer rubber front & back strap. It has a reduced angle and ergonomics far superior to any other AR-15 Grip!

Why is the MOD v2 the best AR Grip, ever?

There is no compromise when it comes to the MOD v2 aluminum pistol grip. It has the beautiful craftsmanship of a machined aluminum grip, with the ergonomics of a sturdy rubber grip. With its 15 degree reduced angle you can operate your AR all day with no concerns for fatigue.

What is a skeletonized aluminum Grip?

Simply put; we machine an AR Grip from aluminum! In order to keep the grip as light as possible we mill out any access material. What is left is a high end finished aluminum ar grip that gives your rifle the high-end look it deserves.

How do Tyrant Designs aluminum AR-15 Grips install?

All of their skeletonized grips are drop in replacements for the AR platform! Meaning, they install just like any other AR pistol grip!


AR10 AR15 M16 AR.308 M4 



  • Comfortable (chamfered edges for a smooth feel)
  • Temperature variation resistent 
  • Deep ribbing for easy installation 
  • Rubber front/back straps to create most comfortable grip ever!
  • Beveled edge near trigger guard
  • Install kit included


  • Length- 4.125" 
  • Width- .985"
  • Weight- 3.95 oz


Purchase includes

  • 1 grip screw
  • 1 L-key
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