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Weapons Armament Research (WAR) FN 509 Compensator

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Weapons Armament Research (WAR) FN 509 Compensator

The W.A.R 509 compensator for the FN 509 pistols is designed to mitigate recoil by directing the expelled gas up as it vents through the carefully engineered port. The port geometry is designed to slow the erosion caused by the powder blast from each shot. The crown geometry will also keep any spent casing from making it to the bore, eliminating the danger of shooting through the spent brass.

The compensator will come with set screws and brass ball bearings. The brass bearings are inserted before the set screws. This allows the bearings to form to the barrel surface and allow better tension on the set screws. They will also prevent marking the barrel. Viton O-ring's and thread locker will also be supplied along with a hex key.

 * Low power yellow spring required to run reliably 

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