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Weapons Armament Research (WAR) Glock 19 Afterburner Wide Body - Gen 4 (PRE-ORDER)

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Weapons Armament Research (WAR) Glock 19 Afterburner Wide Body - Gen 4 (PRE-ORDER)
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***PRE-ORDER Shipping out within 3 to 4 weeks***

***Photos are not exact. They are a representation of what the product will look like. Original photos coming soon

Weapons Armament Research Glock G19 Afterburner was designed from the ground up machined from a block of high quality stainless steel. This allowed us to add material for the integrated compensator where we needed it to create a true chamber to direct gas up during firing. The added material creates a seamless transition between the barrel ports and slide ports. The two combined geometries create a true chamber for expansion and re-direction of the gas expelled. The integrated compensator eliminates the use of set screws or other tooled methods for breakdown. Breaking the slide down is no different than stock.

In addition to the integrated compensator we also decided to add material in the rear of the slide. This added geometry allowed us to widen the slide at the top and gradually taper back to the stock dimension at the bottom. This was done to accomodate a Trijicon RMR red dot sight without any overhang to either side of the slide. There is a seamless transition between the slide and RMR therefore protecting the RMR and creating an even better seal to the slide surface. Slides are Trjicon RMR optic ready and will come with a RMR steel cover plate to match the coated slide color.

The slides will come with dual rear iron sight dovetail options. This will allow for placing the rear sight behind the optic or in front. A steel match coated dovetail cover will be suppllied to cover the dovetail not used. This option will also accomodate our RMR-G (guard) that will sit in front of the RMR to protect it from impacts and smudging.

Truss style pocket serrations were machined for added traction along with wedge type geometry. The wedge geometry works like a traditional coke bottle design, there will be slip until it widens up.

Barrels will be 416R match grade, ported and have our 12 flute colosseum design along with pvd/DLC coating of choice from the options provided. Barrels will be deep crowned to sit flush with the front of the slide.

Shooting non compensated is as easy as switching out the barrel for a non ported. (not provided) Stock G19 barrels may be used.

Parts supplied: Slide, barrel, RMR cover, dovetail cover, channel liner, and screws for RMR cover and dovetail cover.

Tuning with different ammunition/recoil spring may be neccessary.

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