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Zahal Masada - Bulletproof Backpack (Level IIIA)

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Zahal Masada - Bulletproof Backpack (Level IIIA)

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The Zahal Masada is an Armored backpack, which has innocent looking from the outside, but when needed it transforms into a full bulletproof vest I a matter of seconds. The Zahal Masada is perfect for civilians and Law enforcement that do not want to draw attention to themselves but yet want to be protected should the situation require. 

The Masada Backpack comes with level IIIA protection panels all around. the Masada backpack Vest is made to withstand handgun rounds, shotgun rounds, and shrapnel and can be upgraded to withstand rifle fire. It can also be used as a regular backpack to carry books, a laptop, and other everyday carry items. The vest is concealed in a separate compartment of the backpack giving the wearer 100% concealment even when accessing the standard compartment for the EDC items. 

The front vest includes molle loops giving the option to attach accessories such as holsters, magazines pouches, and flashlights

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  • Weight 6.61 lb
  • Width 1.1 cm
  • Height 4.7 cm
  • Length 3.7 cm

Masada Backpack Includes:

  • Bulletproof Backpack Vest with IIIA Protection Back, Sides, and front

Protects Against Most Handgun Threats:

  • (.40 S&W FMJ, .22 LR, .38 ACP, .45 ACP, 9 mm, .357 Magnum, .357 SIG, .44 Magnum, 12 ga. Shotgun rounds, Shrapnel, Knife slashing)


  • Height = 47cm/19 inches  
  • Length = 37cm/15 inches 
  • Width = 11cm/5 inches 
  • Volume Size of book/laptop compartment = 7 Liters/430 cu.in 

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