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The ultimate stop for AR-15 Rifles and AR-15 parts

We are one of the largest online sources for quality AR-10 and AR-15 rifles, parts and accessories. Shop our selection of complete and stripped Uppers and Lowers, find Barrels and Ammo for your firearms, gear yourself up with quality Gear and Apparel. We have it all!

Rainier Arms was started by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We specialize in high-end AR-15/M16 rifles, parts and accessories. If we won't use it, we won't sell it.

We offer a wide variety of firearms and firearm parts from all your favorite manufacturers. Satisfy your needs from brands such as Glock, SIG, S&W, Primary Arms, Stag Arms, PWS, Rainier Arms and many others. Browse all manufacturers.

Great store for high-end firearms. Very very knowledgeable staff.
Rainier Arms is my go to dealer for high-end AR15 parts and accessories online. They always have a great selection of parts in stock. Many you can't find anywhere else.
Great shop with easy order pick up for locals making online purchases.

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  • Rainier Arms Response to NY City Settlement

    To our customers and the entire firearms community: As many of you know, Rainier Arms has always championed the Second Amendment and will continue to do so.  For example, on June 22 of this year, we — along with The Firearms Coalition and the Second ...

    Posted By: John Hwang

    Posted On: August 25 2022

  • Top 5 Red Dots for Rifles in 2022

    Most AR-15s do not ship with basic iron sights - meaning the first thing that you need to do to your new rifle is add a sighting system. The most popular question we get is: ‘What is the best red dot for my gun?’. Well we compiled recommendations from our ...

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    Posted On: June 02 2022

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    Even before the birth of this country, Americans have always lived in a land where shooting has been a staple of our culture. Beginning with simple sharpshooting competitions in the 1700s it didn’t take long for competitors to start changing to trick shootin...

    Posted By: Aaron Jolly

    Posted On: April 29 2022

  • Product Spotlight: SilencerCo Harvester Evo

    In recent memory - suppressors were considered to be a status symbol amongst firearm owners. They were portrayed as being too tactical for the average civilian - only to be used by the most elite military units and police SWAT forces. The process to obtain a s...

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    Posted On: April 20 2022

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