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The ultimate stop for AR-15 Rifles and AR-15 parts

We are one of the largest online sources for quality AR-10 and AR-15 rifles, parts and accessories. Shop our selection of complete and stripped Uppers and Lowers, find Barrels and Ammo for your firearms, gear yourself up with quality Gear and Apparel. We have it all!

Rainier Arms was started by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We specialize in high-end AR-15/M16 rifles, parts and accessories. If we won't use it, we won't sell it.

We offer a wide variety of firearms and firearm parts from all your favorite manufacturers. Satisfy your needs from brands such as Glock, SIG, S&W, Primary Arms, Stag Arms, PWS, Rainier Arms and many others. Browse all manufacturers.

Great store for high-end firearms. Very very knowledgeable staff.
Rainier Arms is my go to dealer for high-end AR15 parts and accessories online. They always have a great selection of parts in stock. Many you can't find anywhere else.
Great shop with easy order pick up for locals making online purchases.

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    I wanted to jot down a few notes as to our experience with the IWI Masada. A quasi review, but not a full article approach. More down and dirty notes and observations. It didn’t take long as soon as the gun was available that all the top YouTube reviewers ha...

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    Posted On: October 17, 2019

  • Rifle Scopes Basics: How They Work

    In this guide, I’m going to show you how a rifle scope works. I’ll explain everything from objective lens to magnification. In short: If you’re looking to understand how a rifle scope works, then you’ll love this guide. Let’s get started! What is a r...

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  • Build of the week (Danger Close P10)

    Back again this week with another custom project for the build of the week. This time our primary focus is around a custom CZ P10C from the guys over at Danger Close Armament. Danger Close Armament has been a great partner to work with and they have prov...

    Posted By: rainierblog

    Posted On: October 2, 2019

  • What’s the Best Muzzle Device?

    Choosing the Best Compensator or Brake to Make an AR-15 Shoot Flat One of the primary pieces of equipment that will help tone-down the recoil of your rifle is a muzzle device.  To be certain, they are only one piece of the puzzle (the other pieces being t...

    Posted By: Nathan Lindeman

    Posted On: September 23, 2019