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How to order a firearm?

Place your order online

During the checkout process, our system will recognize if there is a serialized item and will provide a drop-down box with a list of dealers we have previously shipped too.

Find a dealer near you that is willing to handle the transfer. Call the dealer in case they require prior documents to be signed and to obtain information about their transfer fees.

If your chosen dealer is not listed, you can continue with your order and mention who your FFL dealer is in the shipping section and/or internal comment box (shop name, address and contact information if you have it). Everything else (phone number, email, billing and name on both the bill to and ship to name) needs to be YOUR information. Please have your dealer send us a copy of their FFL referencing your name and order number to [email protected] or fax (253)218-2998.

Due to the volume of orders we experience, if there is not a name or order number referenced, there will be NO guarantee your order will be updated with the correct information and that will delay the shipping processing time.

Please be aware, ALL serialized items take 1-2 BUSINESS days for processing so please be considerate when choosing the shipping method.

We will NOT ship your order out unless we have a FILE COPY of your dealer’s FFL.

Please contact Rainier Arms if there are any other questions or concerns regarding firearm orders.

ATF Form 1 Creating or Manufacturing your own Short Barrel Rifle FAQ

How do you handle pricing errors?

There are two main pricing errors and in each instance, we reserve the right to cancel the order. The first is an item mis-priced due to system issues and/or human unintentional error. The second is the manipulation of our website in order to check out at a lower price. In the event it is a human error or system error we contact you to discuss and explain. In the event we have identified tampering with our site we will cancel the order with or without notice as well as take means necessary to circumvent and restrict your use of our site going further.

Should you encounter a price that looks too good to be true please contact us at 877-556-GUNS (4867) or email [email protected] before placing your order.

Why am I receiving a “Gateway Error” when I am checking out?

Our system is set up to immediately charge out your payment information once the order is placed to avoid any credit card information from being saved in the database.

The following may be the cause of you receiving this error message:

  1. Your billing address does not match your credit card’s billing information.
  2. Your billing zip code should only require the first 5 digits, additional digits in your zip code will disrupt the transaction.
  3. Your bank or creditor may be putting a stop to the charges.
  4. Insufficient funds in your payment account.

If none of these factors apply to you, please give us a call and we can help you with the transaction.

Does Rainier Arms offer a layaway program?

Yes, we do, simply download the form here. Fill it out and email it back to us.

90-day Layaway Program Terms & Conditions

Will you ship AR-15 Lowers or AR15 Complete Rifles to CA?

We will ship "Off-List" stripped AR-15 lowers and CA Compliant AR15 Rifles to CA.

I'm an LEO/Active Military, how do I qualify for your additional discounts?

Email or Fax in your LEO/MIL ID to [email protected] / 253-218-2998. Your status will be changed to LEO/MIL and you will be able to see the discounted prices.

You've changed my status to LEO/MIL. Why am I not seeing lower prices?

First, Try logging out and logging back in. Depending on margins and product availability, some products are not discounted.

Do you have the item In Stock?

Our website is live which means that if you can add the item to your cart, we have it in stock. With as many products as we carry, we can make mistakes but that's the exception and not the rule. If for whatever reason the item is oversold, we will notify you immediately and provide further options.

Where's my Order?

All EXPEDITED orders placed BEFORE NOON (12:00PM PACIFIC TIME) are guaranteed to go out that same day. Any expedited orders placed after noon (12:00pm PACIFIC TIME) will NOT go out the same day but the following business day.

All standard orders are NOT guaranteed to ship out the same day. Standard orders take 1-2 business days of processing.

We try our best to provide not only efficient, but precise shipping to all customers as fast as we can. Our system will send tracking number emails once your order leaves our facility.

*Pre-orders are listed as “in-stock” due to a system limitation. It is required to say “in-stock” for customers to place orders for the pre-order. Please read the description on the pre-order product page for the estimated time of shipping when choosing your shipping method.

* Dropship orders are products coming directly from the manufacturer. Most dropships will vary in processing AND shipping time between 2 days to 2 weeks. Please read the description on the dropship product page for the estimated time of shipping AFTER the listed processing days when choosing your shipping method. *Please be aware that if you choose an expedited shipping option on a dropship item, it may NOT fall under that shipping time frame.

***Please be aware, Rainier Arms go through strict security procedures for each order to prevent potential fraudulent orders. Please keep an eye out on your email after placing orders; there may be extra verification required to process your order that could potentially delay shipping time if a response is not received right away. This applies to both expedite and standard orders. ***

Shopping from a dealer (Rainier Arms, LLC.) vs directly from a manufacturer:

We are an authorized dealer for all inventory that we carry. We sell the latest AR-15 rifles and parts from most major manufacturers and our volume of business allows us to offer our customers very competitive pricing. We received the 2009 "Dealer Of The Year" award from Noveske as well as Daniel Defense's 2009 "Top 5 Distributor Of The Year" designation along with many other manufacturers. You can work with manufacturers direct, but you'll find that our prices are better than many of the distributors’ manufactured suggested retail price. So by purchasing from Rainier Arms, LLC., your rifles/parts are still warranted from the manufacturer the same as purchasing directly from them, but also backed by Rainier Arm's industry-leading customer service and support.

In a .308 AR, can I mix and match parts?

Between the DPMS & Armalite AR10, Headspace is about .004 different. The length of the extension is different. The length of the tenon on the barrel is different. The length from the front of the extension to the bolt nose is different. The firing pin hole is a different size. The firing pin length is different. The length of the gas system is different. Some of these differences are only a couple thousandths, other greater, but they are different. Yes, some of the parts you can get away with changing, but others, such as the firing pin, will cause an unsafe condition. The rule of thumb is to use the same manufacturer for the bolt carrier group & barrel. Meaning, if you are using a DPMS barrel, use a DPMS bolt carrier group, etc.