10-8 Armorer Block

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10-8 Armorer Block


Our 1911 Armorer Block is the culmination of years of tinkering on the 1911 and getting by with a box of tools and fixtures that didn't quite do what we wanted. This 4"x4"x1.25" block is CNC machined from super tough nylon, and will give years of service. Whatever you might wish to do to your 1911 using hand tools, this block will help you do it. The block comes with hammer and sear fixture pins.


  • Extractor tensioning
  • Extractor claw profiling
  • Holding the frame flat
  • 2 blocks can hold the frame for slide/frame fitting
  • Hold the barrel for link removal/installation
  • Hammer/sear pin fixture, included
  • Mainspring housing assembly/disassembly
  • Thumb safety fitting
More Information
SKU 10-8:Block
Manufacturer 108 Performance
Finish Black
Barrel Length 16"
Caliber 5.56
Configuration 5/8X24 Thread
Option AR15
Gas Length Mid
Height No
Rail Length 10"
Mount KeyMod
Profile Standard
Reticle No
Co Witness No
Size X-Large
Item Category (only for Taxify) No